Jan. 5th & 6th Jericho Marches in DC to Call on VP Pence, Members of Congress, and the Supreme Court to Object to the Fraudulent Election and Not Certify the Electoral College Votes

Thousands of Religious Americans and Patriots Will Flock to Washington D.C. to pray, fast, and march around the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court to Protest Election Fraud and Corruption

December 30, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. —On January 5th and 6th Jericho Marchers will pray, fast, and hold marches at noon on both days to demand election integrity and call on Vice President Mike Pence, Members of Congress, and the U.S. Supreme Court to bravely object to the fraudulent election, not certify the Electoral College votes, and send a clear message that we will not hand over our Republic to corruption.

On January 5th, Jericho Marchers will march around the U.S. Supreme Court and on January 6th they will march around the U.S. Capitol.  Both marches will start with a perimeter blessing at 11:45 AM, followed by the blowing of shofars.  Participants will then march seven times around and pray for the courage of our government leaders to stand for truth and justice in the face of blatant election fraud and corruption and not certify the Electoral College votes in the contested states. 

Self-led Jericho Marches will also be taking place at the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court at noon from January 2-4, 2021 for those who are coming to D.C. over the weekend.  Additionally, Jericho March is planning on doing candlelight prayer vigils for Vice President Pence and Sen. Mitch McConnell on January 2nd and 3rd calling on them to be courageous, do the right thing, and not certify the Electoral College votes.  Jericho Marches will simultaneously continue at the state capitol buildings in the contested states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at noon daily. 

Jericho March also calls on the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the cases and to decertify Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Georgia results immediately due to the massive criminal fraud and foreign interference in the election. 

On January 6th, Vice President Pence has the authority to reject any of the illegal Electors and trigger the 12th Amendment. Vice President Pence has the ability to elect the President himself and Jericho March calls on him to exercise his rightful power in the face of the blatant election fraud and corruption. 

Jericho March co-founder Rob Weaver said, “We want to thank Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Mo Brooks, Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Lance Gooden, Sen. Josh Hawley, and others who have courageously stood up against accepting this corrupt election.  We the People demand that more “lions” rise up, including VP Pence, Members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, and state legislators and embrace the grave responsibility entrusted to them to protect our Republic from fraudulent and corrupt elections.  I look forward to personally congratulating every one of our leaders who push off the large special interests of corporate America and who set aside their political career ambitions to do the right thing for the sake of saving the Republic.” 

“Benjamin Franklin said that we have a Republic if we can keep it.  Now is the time for elected leaders at every level of government, patriots, and people of faith to fight for truth and justice to prevail in this election, and that the the integrity of our elections be defended, or we can say goodbye to the freedoms that we have won by the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers,” said Jericho March co-founder Arina Grossu. “We pray that our government leaders have the strength, wisdom, and courage to stand up for truth and justice to prevail in this election.  This is bigger than one election.  This is about protecting free and fair elections for the future and saving America from tyranny.”

Since November 5th, Jericho Marchers have been fasting, praying, and marching daily around their state capitols for election integrity.  The Jericho March is biblically-focused on Joshua 6. Jericho was a city of false gods and corruption. Just as Joshua was instructed to march around the walls of Jericho seven times, Jericho Marchers will pray, fast, and march until darkness of election fraud and corruption is exposed and the walls of corruption crumble.

The Jericho March is a unified celebration of authentic and diverse Judeo-Christian forms of worship including praying, preaching, singing, rosary recitations, Eucharistic processions, and blowing shofars.

For more information, please visit www.JerichoMarch.org.


To interview Rob Weaver or Arina Grossu for more information about Jericho March, contact Media@HamiltonStrategies.com, Marjorie Pratt, 610.584.1096, ext. 107, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.