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Jonathan Cahn for CBN News: The New, Best-Selling Book ‘The Oracle’ and a Mystery That Links an Ancient King with President Trump

By Jonathan Cahn for CBN News | Image from CBN News

The revelations that would become “The Oracle” began coming to me at the end of 2017. They continued all the way up to the summer of 2019. In fact, they kept coming even after I handed in the manuscript. I actually had to get the manuscript back in order to add in the mystery of the ancient word that was appointed to be read—the day Donald Trump was born. I ended up with about 3,000 pages of notes, which I then had to convert into a book of less than 300 pages. The result was “The Oracle.”

What is “The Oracle”? It’s the revelation of a mystery so big, it encompasses everything from Moses to Mark Twain, from the prophet Ezekiel, to President Donald Trump—the mystery behind what was, what is now taking place and what is yet to come. And yet the mystery is so specific, that from biblical mysteries, it gives exact years, times, even specific dates when events are to take place. As in “The Harbinger,” the facts and mysteries are revealed through a narrative, in this case, the opening up of seven doors. Behind each door lie many streams of mysteries.

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