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Jonathan Cahn Parallels Trump’s Challenges in Smash Hit and NYT Best Seller ‘The Paradigm’

Cahn Ties Today’s Political Headlines to 3,000-Year-Old Ancient Blueprint


NEW YORK—The first year of Donald Trump’s presidency certainly hasn’t been a smooth one. From investigations into Russian collusion and turnover within the administration to calls for impeachment and criticism and boycotts of his first State of the Union address, despite a 75 percent approval rating of the speech, those on both sides of the establishment have attacked virtually his every move.

But many conservatives and those in the faith community continue to support the president for keeping his promises, protecting religious liberties, defending the sanctity of life and strengthening the economy.

New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn parallels Trump’s challenges with another biblical leader and ties current political headlines back to a nearly 3,000-year-old ancient paradigm in his newest smash hit that has both stunned and engaged readers.

In “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times” (www.TheParadigmMystery.com), which debuted as a New York Times best seller at No. 5 in late 2017, Cahn makes shocking connections between all the major players in American politics, including President Donald Trump, to historical figures from centuries ago.

And in the book that has captivated hundreds of thousands of readers in the relatively short time since its release, Cahn explains the most extraordinary political development in modern American history—Trump’s very unexpected rise.

Cahn points out the similarities between the biblical King Jehu, who—like Trump—burst onto the national scene at a time when a turnaround was desperately needed. Jehu was not a politician, and his rise to power would take the nation by storm. He was a “destabilizer,” Cahn says, an agent of chaos, in a sense, and a threat to the status quo.

The parallels between Jehu and Trump are clear, Cahn adds.

In the book of 2 Kings, Israel was at a crossroads. King Ahab was reigning, and if his power were to continue, God’s people would be stamped out, Cahn said. Ahab’s queen, Jezebel—who, coincidentally, Cahn parallels with Hillary Clinton—had turned ancient Israel toward the worship of Baal. The Jews who did follow God at that time were out of power, thus the political system had been oriented against God.

“But God is never finished; He is never out of ideas,” Cahn says. “So he is going to do something took everyone by surprise.”

The situation, Cahn says, was transformed with the coming of “the warrior,” Jehu, who was anointed by Elisha, the successor to the prophet Elijah.

“He is a commander, he is a leader … he is a warrior, he is a fighter, he fights with everybody,” Cahn said in a WND.com article that highlighted an interview on “The Jim Bakker Show.” “He is not a gentle man. He is a rough man. His words are rough, his actions are rough … he can even be brutal at times. In his ‘past life’ he didn’t exactly exemplify a godly life. Jehu could be boastful, he could be self-promoting; but he’s going to be used by God as an instrument. God uses everything.”

“The Paradigm,” one of the most explosive and astounding books of 2017, reveals a newly uncovered master blueprint and ancient template that foretells many events of modern history. “The Paradigm” also removes the veil behind the leaders, governments, events and scandals of modern times. The ancient blueprint not only foretells events before they happen but, in many cases, pinpoints the exact timing, even the dates, when those events must take place.

“The Paradigm” is included on the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association’s Annual Bestselling Christian Books List of 2017, at No. 10 for non-fiction and No. 14 overall. Cahn’s previous hit, “The Book of Mysteries,” came in at No. 3 in fiction and No. 18 overall.

Cahn, who caused a stir throughout America and the globe with the release of his instant New York Times best seller “The Harbinger,” which sold over 2 million copies, followed that earth-shattering work with “The Mystery of the Shemitah” and “The Book of Mysteries,” also New York Times best sellers. In fact, the mysteries of the immensely popular “The Harbinger” continue and are intertwined with the mysteries of “The Paradigm.”

“The Paradigm” is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House.