Jonathan Cahn’s ‘Today’s Mystery’


‘Today’s Mystery’ Radio Features!

Based on the New York Times Best-Seller ‘The Book of Mysteries’

Imagine if you discovered a treasure chest in which were hidden ancient mysteries, revelations from heaven, secrets of the ages, the answers to man’s most enduring, age-bookold questions, and the hidden keys that can transform your life to joy, success, and blessing. This is the New York Times best-seller, The Book of Mysteries.

Now, world-renowned author Jonathan Cahn has recorded 50 one-minute radio features called ‘Today’s Mystery’ based on this best-selling book, and they are available free to stations.

Listen to samples of Jonathan Cahn’s ‘Today’s Mystery’ spots below and email us about adding this feature to your station line-up today.

‘The Book of Mysteries’ also serves as an excellent daily devotional, and ‘Today’s Mystery’ are life-changing snippets of truth about God and how His Word applies to our lives. Order here.

Download all of the “Today’s Mystery” spots after filling out the form below:

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