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Jonathan Cahn’s New Book ‘The Paradigm’ Topping Best Seller Lists Across the Country

Readers Call ‘The Paradigm’ ‘Explosive,’ ‘Groundbreaking’ and ‘Breathtaking,’ as the Book Ranks on New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Amazon and Publishers Weekly

NEW YORK—Just over two weeks after his latest book debut, New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn is topping national sales list across the country, and readers are offering rave reviews for “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times” (

The official sales through Week 2 for “The Paradigm” include multiple impressive rankings:

“The Paradigm,” published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House, is Cahn’s most astonishing book yet, as it uncovers the hidden story and mystery behind the most shocking headlines of our times.

Released on Sept. 19, “The Paradigm” is the fourth book from the acclaimed author and is already in its third printing at more than 350,000 copies. Cahn’s previous books include “The Harbinger” and “The Book of Mysteries.” In fact, the mysteries in the immensely popular “The Harbinger,” which spent 120 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list, are intertwined with many of the mysteries of The Paradigm.”

Readers are already offering extremely positive reviews on, with feedback such as the following:

  • “Yes, ‘The Paradigm’ is explosive—it is exploding with the magnificence, brilliance, perfection, power, love, mercy and sovereignty of GOD.”
  • “Only GOD could have orchestrated these paralleling circumstances, and with such specificity, detail, precision and perfection. Only GOD could have written this book.”
  • “I began reading ‘The Paradigm,’ and only the need to sleep kept me from finishing it that first night.”
  • “My first responses were awe and ‘GOD, if I didn’t already know you were GOD, I’d certainly know it now!’”
  • “This groundbreaking work is concisely written and irrefutably presented. The facts are documented for anyone to verify. The conclusion is breathtaking.”