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Left Claims the Economy Was Already ‘Roaring’ When Trump Took Office

Syndicated Host Dan Celia Says No President Before Trump Was Handed an Economy Riddled with Past Administrations’ Ideologies, Apologies, Disdain and Destruction


PHILADELPHIA—With the economy doing better than it has in years, the Left has a new set of talking points, says nationally syndicated host Dan Celia of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM,—that the economy was already “roaring” when President Donald Trump took office and the recent success is due to President Barack Obama.

“I love these talking points, not only because of the comic relief, but mainly because even the average middle-of-the-road liberal is starting to realize how ridiculous the Democratic Party sounds,” Celia said. “This certainly will be good for the November elections.

“The ‘roaring’ economy that President Obama left us is one of eight straight years virtually no GDP growth to speak of—2 percent or below for seven straight years, which has never been seen before in the history of the nation, along with record-breaking food stamp usage, the highest rate of disability benefits in the history of the program, a poverty rate that went up every quarter that Obama was in office, an African-American unemployment rate that reached historic levels, a 40-year-low in the labor participation rate, millions of college graduates who couldn’t find jobs in their field or full-time jobs at all, one of the largest part-time workforces in history, an under-employment rate that was off the charts, trade deficits that continued to get worse, and some of the worst trade deals that America has ever seen.  

“President Obama’s love for Iran and its nuclear aspirations brought new meaning to ‘getting stronger through weakness’ and loving people into submission because, surely, our adversaries love America,” Celia added. “Yes, we have suffered through an incredibly naïve, far-left progressive president who systematically destroyed most of what is critically important to put an American economy on a trajectory of positive momentum. Look no further than corporate America and an attitude of uncertainty in the midst of being overloaded with regulatory burden, taxation and knowing they are living in the shadow of a president that for eight years demonized profits and corporate America. Is it no wonder that same corporate America is now unleashing potential on America as a result of a president that is quite the opposite? No president has ever been handed an economy that was filled with past administrations’ ideologies, apologies, disdain, destruction and demonizing like President Trump was given. Let’s pray the Left keeps talking about a ‘roaring’ economy of the Obama administration, which will do nothing but help conservative causes.”

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