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April 24, 2017

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Life-Changing Moments This Thursday for NFL Draft Pick Hopefuls Who Put Their Faith in Christ—No Matter What the Outcome

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Magazine Highlights Standout Athletes from Ole Miss, Houston, Florida State and Oklahoma

EDITOR’S NOTE: Contact Hamilton Strategies at media@hamiltonstrategies.com to interview the Fellowship of Christian Athletes representative in your area to talk about the local athletes who will be a part of the NFL Draft on April 27-29.

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Those in withdrawal for some NFL football action will get at least a taste of their favorite pastime, with the much-anticipated NFL Draft beginning Thursday.

Among those anxiously waiting in the wings will be several college football standouts who have been profiled in Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, www.fca.org) Magazine. Each year, FCA publishes its annual college football issue, which highlights about 60 athletes who discuss their faith in Christ.

“Here at FCA, we certainly love football just as much as the rest of the country, and it’s been an honor to profile some of the athletes who are making headlines for the 2017 NFL Draft,” said FCA President and CEO Shane Williamson. “These young players live out their faith on the field as followers of Jesus Christ, and He directs their playbook for life. We wish them all the best in this week’s draft—just the beginning of a journey we hope will be guided by God for years to come, either in the NFL or along another path.”

Ole Miss All-American tight end Evan Engram is one of the most talked-about names for the draft, and he was featured on the cover of FCA Magazine in late 2015. Engram told FCA that he always identified as a Christian, grew up in church, but wasn’t truly living out his faith.

“When I got to Ole Miss,” he said, “I was surrounded with godly men like [FCA’s] John Powell, Coach [Hugh] Freeze and the entire football coaching staff. I learned from them and their wisdom based in their individual faiths. They held me accountable in my walk with Christ. Through their influence, I’ve grown a lot. I’ve learned to be a leader. I’ve gotten into God’s Word and grown in that aspect in my relationship with Him, which has definitely made a huge impact on my life and how I can impact others.”

Engram added that his relationship with God also impacts his entire approach to the game of football.

Football is a gift from God in my life, and I thank Him every day for it,” Engram said. “I thank Him for the ability to walk, to run, to have the athletic ability to play football. And for putting me around godly men on our coaching staff and godly brothers on my team. While we battle for victories on the field, we understand and believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection was the ultimate victory. The grace He gives us is a gift; we don’t have to earn it. We don’t have to do anything special for it. We wake up every morning with a ‘W’ because of what He did for us. It’s a blessing to serve a God who sacrificed everything He had for us.

“Our coaches tell us every day to ‘impact somebody’s life,’” he continued. “I realize that people look up to me because I play football. God’s put me on a stage to be able to serve Him in my everyday life and serve others as well. I don’t take the opportunity lightly that I’m able to share God’s Word and impact lives.”

Several more draft hopefuls and quotes about their faith were also featured in the 2016 college football issue:

Coverage of the NFL Draft begins at 6 p.m. ET Thursday on the NFL Network.

Read more about Fellowship of Christian Athletes here, visit FCA’s web site at www.fca.org, its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fcafans or its Twitter feed @fcanews.


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