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Liz Yore for Breitbart: China’s Undeclared Fentanyl War

By Liz Yore for Breitbart | Image from Breitbart

No shots have been fired, no bombs dropped, no rockets launched, no boots on the ground, no declaration of war, yet the carnage by China’s stealth infiltration of America with its fatal fentanyl weapon is an undeclared war. This insidious poison, deployed with the impact of a nuclear missile strategically aimed at the heart of America, has mushroomed into a silent blitzkrieg of mounting American deaths. Its devastating power is causing nothing short of a generational meltdown.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, U.S. overdose deaths have soared to 21 percent over the previous year. More than 70,200 Americans died in 2017 from drug overdoses.

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