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Lily Tang Williams warns the country about the rise of communism in America in USPIE’s new film, ‘Truth & Lies in American Education

September 26, 2022

COLUMBIA, S. C. — Many Americans are concerned that American education, particularly regarding the explicit content that is being taught to young children, is a sign of a level of brainwashing that has never been seen before in America. With the current indoctrination in schools regarding critical race theory, sexuality, and other Marxist ideas, many citizens who have escaped Communist countries are confirming the worst fears of many — America is heading towards destruction.

Lily Tang Williams came to America to flee Mao’s Communist China. After escaping a childhood fully indoctrinated by harmful Communist ideologies, Williams is now determined to shed some light on the realities of a Communist regime — and to stop it from happening here in America. Williams is a featured speaker in United States Parents Involved in Education’s (USPIE) latest feature film, “Truth & Lies in American Education.” The film uncovers the harsh realities of the American school system, including the explicit indoctrination Williams warns of.

“I was born in China’s Sichuan Province to illiterate, working class parents, two years before Mao’s great cultural revolution,” William commented. “By the time I went to first grade, the country was in the middle of the cultural revolution already. Every morning, we had to chant ‘Long live Chairman Mao!’ and ‘Long live Communist Party!’ My education only taught me communism, and we all suffered under Mao’s cultural revolution and Communist dictatorship.

“All I wanted was freedom. America was my Promised Land.”

However, the America Williams dreamed of and fought so hard to reach is on the verge of evaporating.

Williams said, “What happened to us in China can happen here! I’m concerned about what’s going on in American schools. The current curriculum and standards are promoting outcome-based education and workforce development — there is even data collection tracking without parental consent. People say they don’t like Communist China, but what we’re doing now is heading in that direction.

“People are talking about politics according to skin color, which is what Mao wanted: divide and conquer. We divide people into groups: workers, peasants, intellectuals, and soldiers. Then black and white, black and red. Then they fight against each other. And in the end, who wins? It’s the tyrants and dictators. Because when your people are busy fighting against each other, Republicans, Democrats, whatever… you all lose!”

Williams continued, “I’m trying to convince American public, ‘You want free stuff, you want free education, and you want government to provide for you? But what is the price? Your lifetime enslavement. You lose your individual rights, freedom, privacy, and parental rights, all in order to get some free stuff. It’s not worth it!’

“In Communist countries, they believe children belong to the state. Let the village raise the children. One of the four goals of communism is free education for all youth. They know that in order to maintain a totalitarian state, all children need to be indoctrinated and brainwashed to only believe them!

“If our schools are educating kids like that, imagine what kind of America our children will live under. This is not the America that I fought so hard to live in.”

Williams speaks about her experience in Mao’s China at length in USPIE’s film, “Truth & Lies in American Education,” along with additional educational experts such as Karen England, Alex Newman, Dr. Duke Pesta, Dr. Carol Swain, Sam Sorbo, and others. The film is available for streaming on SalemNOW, as well available on DVD.

For more information about Truth & Lies in American Education,” click here.

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition that seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences. It is the vision of USPIE to create a culture where parents, empowered with the authority to choose what and how their children learn, are the undisputed primary educators of their children, where local schools operate in support of families, and where education is unencumbered by federal mandates.

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