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Moms For America for Newsmax.com: Mother’s Day Reminds Us Moms Still Have the Power to Rule the World

By Kimberly Fletcher for Newsmax.com

What influence does a mother have? It can be hard to see in a culture that actively discourages mothers from raising happy, healthy, patriotic children. It seems our society is determined to teach our kids to hate America, hate each other and hate themselves.

As Steven Covey observed in his 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families,”Even though we can be encouraged by efforts to return to ‘family values,’ the reality is that the trends in the wider society over the last thirty to fifty years have basically shifted from pro-family to anti-family. We’re trying to navigate through what has become a turbulent, family-unfriendly environment, and there are powerful headwinds that easily throw many families off track.”

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