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Moms for America for Townhall: Moms’ Votes Can Protect Our Children from Lawlessness

By Kimberly Fletcher for Townhall

We are witnessing unprecedented lawlessness, violence, and unrest in our nation. The media have spent countless hours discussing who is the most victimized in our society, but they have ignored the most innocent victims: our children. When society descends into chaos, it is our children who suffer the greatest consequences.

You don’t have to look very hard to find examples of how the current political climate and civil unrest is affecting children. Back in March, we were told to lock down to “flatten the curve” and prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. Mothers across the nation listened; many stepped up to work from home while homeschooling and kept their children home and away from activities, church, playdates, and ordinary life.Doctors’ understanding of the virus and the threat it poses has changed, yet here we are beginning the new school year, and in many places the draconian measures continue.

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