Moms for America® Says Biden-Harris Ticket is Most Anti-Family, Anti-Woman and Anti-Life in America’s History

Moms for America® Says Biden-Harris Ticket is Most Anti-Family, Anti-Woman and Anti-Life in America’s History

August 12, 2020

Dayton, Ohio — Yesterday, Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate. Kimberly Fletcher, mother of eight and founder of Moms for America® (, states:

“Together, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent the most anti-woman, anti-family, and anti-life presidential tickets in our nation’s history.

“Biden and Harris have demonstrated time and again that they will do the bidding of political elites seeking to destroy the family and erode the foundation of our freedoms.

“Many of us may still be tempted to think that national politics don’t affect our daily life. You may think that what happens in the Oval Office is not likely to change how you make your livelihood, how your family worships, or where your children go to school. If the past five months have taught us anything, it’s just how wrong that view is.

“Make no mistake; if Biden and Harris are elected, religious liberty, the right to life, and family values will be threatened. We cannot trust Biden and Harris to give our military men and women and their families the support they deserve. We cannot trust them to secure the border–they have vowed to do just the opposite. The advances in religious liberty, pro-life protections, and pro-family policies we have seen in the past four years will quickly be reversed.

“It won’t stop there. As we have seen in the COVID-19 lockdowns, mandates, and overreach, there is no area of our lives that government bureaucrats will not try to regulate. The policies under a Biden/Harris regime would threaten the daily life and basic liberties of every American, including you and me. With ongoing riots, draconian mandates, and civil unrest, this threat to liberty is dire. In a time when political activists are capitalizing on fear and uncertainty to divide us, we must stand united.”





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