National Association of Christian Financial Consultants Equips Financial Planners to Remain Biblically Responsible

National Association of Christian Financial Consultants Equips Financial Planners to Remain Biblically Responsible

NACFC Leader Mark Minnella Points to Growing Group Committed to Guiding Clients Toward Biblically Responsible Investing

ORLANDO, Fla.—More and more financial planners are joining the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (NACFC,, as they guide Christian investors by avoiding companies that promote anti-biblical values. These consultants help their clients be aware of any investments that participate in activities they believe would be offensive to God and His word.

Those who join NACFC can ably explain that, years ago, Christians could truthfully say they were unaware of where their investment dollars were actually going. But today, with technology-driven online tools, these faithful investors can no longer plead ignorance.

Many companies, says NACFC president and co-founder Mark Minnella, are investing in and funding anti-biblical causes, such as pornography, abortion and more. And those consultants who join the group have a passion to help Christians steer clear from investing in these firms.

“The NACFC changed my life,” Minnella said about the organization he helped found in 1997. “No longer am I just about money and possessions and helping people create and store up wealth. But now my work is grounded in helping people realize the fulness of Christ here and now and forever, in and through their finances. God’s purpose for His children’s finances, stated in His word, including investing, are continuously researched and shared and are the whole of what the NACFC is about.”

Minnella, also the author of “The Wall Street Awakening,” says embracing a biblically responsible investing (BRI) philosophy is crucial in today’s culture as more companies take political and anti-biblical social stances with their resources. Today, he says, because of an open flow of information, corporations cannot hide their policies or their investments, and therefore Christian investors can see what their money supports—both good and bad.

Other consultants, planners and financial advisers agree that NACFC has changed the way they go about their work, with a new passion that is grounded in the Bible. Many also attended the NACFC annual conference this past July in Charlotte with the theme of “BRIghten Your Practice.”

  • NACFC has had a tremendous impact on the way I view money, wealth and ownership. NACFC has helped me bring a biblical worldview to our business and the people we serve. They have helped me as a financial adviser put on the mind of Christ and bring biblical wisdom into the client conversations. Man is looking at returns, standard deviation, track record and expense ratios. God is always looking at the heart. Is the money invested impacting the Kingdom of God or is it supporting the moral wickedness of this world?”—Glenn A. Repple, president of G.A. Repple
  • NACFC asked me the questions I was avoiding. I am a Christian and I am a Money Manager but am I a Christian Money Manager? Why is LIONX Not a BRI fund? I did not have a good answer, then the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to make LIONX a BRI fund. I believe that making LIONX a BRI fund is the best business decision I could ever make”.—Dexter Lyons, Issachar Fund Portfolio, (LIONX) manager
  • “I believe what makes the NACFC different is the emphasis that it puts on biblical truth. The NACFC doesn’t shy away from holding God’s standards in every aspect of your life, finances and business. They believe that God’s Word holds full authority over what we do, how we live and how we prepare for our future. That kind of conviction and ‘radicalism’ isn’t seen or valued anymore. I’m thankful to be part of an organization that realizes God is God and we are not.”—Stephen Ballance, financial adviser
  • NACFC has really helped me learn more and more how important investing in the right companies is to God. At our annual conference I was able to meet other financial advisers who love Jesus and really implement that love into their practices and with their clients. It has encouraged me to take a deeper look at including biblically responsible investing into my practice with my new clients and my existing clients. I also got the courage from NACFC to send an email to all my existing clients and asking them, ‘How can I pray for you?’”—Michael W. Mandarino, financial adviser
  • “The founders and members of NACFC have forced me to come to terms with the reality that adjusting my investments based on the activities occurring on the other end of my investments is a vital part of being a faithful steward of God’s resources.”—Daniel L. Hardt, financial adviser

These consultants can show their clients in a very clear way which companies are violating biblical principles with their investors’ money. Through the free online screening tool at (click on “free screening tool” banner), and with just a few clicks, investors can find out—for free—if companies are supporting facets of society that are unbiblical. Christian investors can use this biblically based dynamic and moral investment screening tool to uncover immoral corporate activity.

Users can simply type in any fund name, stock name or ticker symbol and click the search button. A percentage of violation is shown as part of the free service, as well as the option to view a more extensive report through a subscription. The address and website of the company is listed, and investors using the tool can also email their findings directly to their financial advisers.

The mission of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants is to teach, train and encourage financial professionals to learn, share and instruct biblical stewardship to individuals and families believing that “it profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his soul” (Matthew 16:26). Members will glorify God by impacting their world for Jesus Christ through teaching and practicing biblical stewardship.

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