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National Association of Christian Financial Consultants for Townhall: Making Recession Constructive

By Mark Minnella for Townhall | Image from Townhall

For the past 18 months or more, we have been inflicted with the screeching warning cries of a soon-to-come economic recession. Every chance and every possible indicator have been scrutinized to find some weakness in this strong economy. It seems the doomsayers won’t be happy until they see a downturn. Still, the economy keeps pushing forward with strength and vigor.

Now don’t get me wrong, someday we will see a recession again. Eventually, our economy will pause and even slow down. But truth be told, no one can predict when such a change will occur. Only God has the power to know the future. Everyone else is just guessing or projecting—maybe a sophisticated guess, but a guess just the same.

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