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National Association of Christian Financial Consultants for Townhall: What Are Your Investments Funding?

By Mark Minnella for Townhall | Image from Townhall

Recently on Christian talk radio, I heard a financial talk show host give the following reason for not embracing Biblically Responsible Investing. He said, “When I buy a stock in the market, I am not buying it from the company that I am investing in, I am buying it from somebody else, so the company I am buying ownership in is not getting the money; therefore, I am not profiting or funding them. Knowing that, why does it matter what the company does, as long as it is profitable?”

At first glance, it seems like a logical argument. But it is only valid if the reason stated is the only reason a Christian would want to avoid investing in morally corrupt companies. By its wording, this question seems to assume that the funding of companies that profit from or produce products that are sinful, immoral or offensive to God is the only reason Christians should avoid investing in such stocks.

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