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National Association of Christian Financial Consultants in The Christian Post: Christians must be aware of what their investments are funding

By Mark A. Minnella / National Association of Christian Financial Consultants for The Christian Post

Hundreds gather, signs raised with conviction. A group huddles, holding hands, some on their knees, praying. Cars honk in response to the message. Some in agreement—some in angry rebuttal. Across the street, a woman talks into a camera, using the scene as a backdrop as she broadcasts the event for the morning news. Skillfully, she chooses her words as she slants her broadcast regarding the human chain across America—a human chain dedicated to enlightening the nation to the God-given right to life, the sanctity of the unborn.

Sally is one link in that chain.

There she stands, giving her time, her life, to save the unborn. But this is normal for her and many of the others she stands with. Sally has always been available to spread the message “life is sacred” and volunteers her precious moments to counsel pregnant women. She is dedicated to prayer and giving whenever and whatever is needed. Continue reading…