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New $4.1 Trillion Budget Paves the Way for Much-Needed Tax Reform

Financial Expert Dan Celia: Tax Reform Will Positively Impact Millions of Middle-Class Americans and Small Business Owners

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed a $4.1 trillion budget plan that promises deep cuts to social programs while paving the way for Republicans to rewrite the tax code later this year, according to the Associated Press and Chicago Tribune. 

The 2018 House GOP budget involves changes in Medicare and a potential Affordable Care Act repeal, but most importantly, the budget paves the way for tax reform and a tax code overhaul that will impact many Americans, says financial expert and nationally syndicated host Dan Celia.

For many months on his daily, three-hour syndicated show “Financial Issues,” Celia has been stating that tax reform is the most pressing financial matter of the year and has the possibility to change the financial outlook for millions of middle-class Americans and small business owners.

“This budget is a huge stepping stone to getting tax reform done,” Celia said. “The House boasts that it always passes a budget, knowing that it will never see the light of day in the Senate. But now, some Democrats would be crazy not to come alongside this budget, especially those eight Democrats who are in states that Donald Trump won handily last November. And if they will come alongside the bill in order to get it passed, I can’t imagine that the Republicans who are questionable on the budget details and tax reform won’t as well. The beauty of a budget is that it gives us accountability mechanisms—a yardstick by which to measure Washington, on what they’re doing and not doing. We could see a budget for the first time in six years.”

Celia has written several editorials on tax reform for Townhall.com, where he is a featured columnist, including the most recent, “How Tax Relief Will Free Americans Financially” and “Changing America’s Trajectory Could be as Simple as Tax Reform.”

Celia leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM, http://www.financialissues.org) and focuses on important economic news and biblical investing during his daily, three-hour program, “Financial Issues,” heard on 640 stations nationwide and seen on NRBTV, which reaches 45 million households.

Read more about Celia, FISM and “Financial Issues” here. Visit the Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries web site at http://www.financialissues.org, its Facebook page, on YouTube at Financial Issues with Dan Celia or on Twitter @financialissues. Download the new Financial Issues app here.