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76 percent signal a candidate’s position on China will be a voting issue

July 27, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) released today the results of a national poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates offering insights into public sentiment about: the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic; the need for the CCP to be held accountable for its dire consequences; and the extent to which Americans and/or their families have been negatively affected by those consequences. The poll also suggests that such sentiments will make China a voting issue this fall.

Key findings include:

As CPDC Vice Chairman Frank Gaffney observed in his Secure Freedom Minute commentary today:

“What makes these data remarkable — and actionable — is that, for the better part of three years, virtually every media and governmental instrument available has relentlessly disinformed, discouraged and outright ‘cancelled’ such sentiments.”

Particularly noteworthy for those running for elective office at the federal and state level is the new poll’s finding that 76 percent said that a candidate’s position on China would be “important” or “a consideration” in their vote.

It happens that the Committee on the Present Danger: China and Team B III, both sponsored by the Center for Security Policy, have developed a powerful briefing for such candidates about what President Reagan would describe as our generation’s “existential threat to freedom” — namely, the Chinese Communist Party. “The Brief” is informed by the work of the CPDC and TB3’s new book, “The CCP is at War with America,” and compellingly describes the extent, wellsprings and success of the CCP’s “unrestricted warfare” against this country and the rest of the Free World.

CPDC and Team B III are deeply appreciative to Heidi Ganahl and Governor Jared Polis, respectively the 2022 Republican and Democratic nominees for Colorado governor, for being the first two candidates to take The Brief earlier this month. Both found it informative and recommended that others receive it, as well.

The immediate purpose of The Brief is to equip candidates to address with voters their concerns about the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party. It is also designed to encourage them to seek a mandate for pursuing the sorts of corrective actions required if we are to counter and defeat that threat. Grassroots activists and constituents of such candidates are invited to receive The Brief, as well.

Highlights of The Brief include:

To find out more about The Brief and arrange for candidates for elective office and other audiences to receive it, visit www.CCPatWar.com.