New Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Freedom of Religion is Crucial to a ‘Healthy American Society’

American Family Association: ‘Christians and Members of Other Faiths Must Be Vigilant and Fight to Keep this Right Sacrosanct’

June 28, 2021

TUPELO, Miss. —A new Summit Ministries poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that the overwhelming majority of Americans say religious freedom is key to a ‘healthy American society.’ The poll of likely voters was an encouraging sign that freedom of religion remains a tightly held belief in the United States.

American Family Association(AFA, rejoices that the American people continue to hold this value sacred at a time when religious freedom is under attack. The poll confirmed the country is united on this essential freedom, with 85% of Republicans, 83% of Independents, and 79% of Democrats saying that freedom of religion is “very important” or “somewhat important.”

“In a day when beliefs about major freedoms seem to be shifting in America, this is welcome news,” said Ed Vitagliano, Executive Vice President of AFA. “Religious freedom is critical to the rest of the liberties protected by the Bill of Rights, which is why it is often called the ‘First Freedom.’ It is encouraging that more than 8 out of 10 Americans not only think this freedom is worth protecting, but that doing so is linked to a healthy society.”

Only 9% of respondents to the Summit poll said they believe freedom of religion is “not very important” or “not important at all.” Further, supporting specific applications of religious freedom, the survey found that only 20% of Americans say churches or faith-based charities should be required by law to hire people who oppose their religious beliefs.

Despite the broad-based support of religious freedom, leaders in Washington, D.C. continue to aggressively push legislative measures like the misnamed Equality Act, which specifically chips away at the free exercise of religion enshrined in the First Amendment.

While recognizing the encouraging responses in the polling, Vitagliano added the caution, “There are forces operating in the country who would like to erode this belief in religious freedom, so Christians and members of other faiths must be vigilant and fight to keep this right sacrosanct.”

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