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For Immediate Release December 13, 2016

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New Six-Episode Series ‘Untethered’ from Wretched TV Invades Universities to Reveal Why the Church Is Losing Millennials

Wretched Host and Author Todd Friel Asks: What Are We Doing Wrong? Series Available to Air in April 2017

ATLANTA, Ga.— Evangelical Christianity is losing youth in unprecedented numbers. Statistics claim that a whopping 60 to 80 percent of evangelical youth will “backslide”—even in the Bible Belt of America. And that’s concerning to Wretched TV (www.wretched.tv).

“We don’t expect non-believers to say that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life,” says Wretched TV and radio host Todd Friel. “However, we’re finding that Christian millennials are neither living the faith nor able to articulate their faith. Something is horribly wrong.”

Questions about millennials and their faith are explored in Wretched’s new six-episode series “Untethered,” which seeks to find the answers—right from the source. In “Untethered,” Friel visits state universities in the Bible Belt region of America and speaks with dozens of millennials who claim to be Christian. Their responses will shock you, but will not leave you hopeless. “Untethered” also offers a solution that every Christian parent and youth pastor must consider to avoid raising another untethered generation.

The six half-hour episodes will be available for broadcast beginning in April 2017. For information on how to air “Untethered” on your station or network, contact Michael Hamilton at Hamilton Strategies, mhamilton@hamiltonstrategies.com or (610) 584-1096 x101.

Friel is the host of Wretched TV and Wretched Radio and is also the author of “Jesus Unmasked,” “Judge Not” and “Slaying the Lust Dragon.” He has also written and produced more than two dozen Bible study courses.

For more information on Wretched Radio or Wretched TV, visit www.WretchedRadio.com, Wretched’s Facebook page, its Twitter feed @WretchedRadio or on its YouTube Channel.