News Releases from Alex McFarland Ministries

April 2017

How the Church Has Failed Millennials

Dr. Alex McFarland, Author of the New Millennial-Focused Book ‘Abandoned Faith,’ Reveals What They Are Looking for in a Church
April 24, 2017

What’s a Parent To Do?

For their new book “Abandoned Faith,” authors Dr. Alex McFarland and Jason Jimenez cite a disturbing study that estimated more than half of high school graduates will leave the church and become disengaged in their faith.
April 17, 2017

Alex McFarland Debates Mikey Weinstein Tomorrow in Colorado; Live-Streaming Available

Apologist and Author Squares Off with Military Religious Freedom Foundation Leader at Colorado Christian University on April 11
April 10, 2017

Why Is Defending Religious Liberty Important?

As Faith in the Public Square Is Argued Nationally, Renowned Apologist Alex McFarland to Debate Mikey Weinstein, Founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, on April 11 in Colorado
April 4, 2017

March 2017

Renowned Apologist Alex McFarland to Debate Mikey Weinstein, Founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

April 11 Event at Colorado Christian University Will Explore Topics of Religious Freedom and Public Accommodation
March 28, 2017

Statement: Christianity Once Saved Europe from Islam – And Can Again

Religion and Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland Warns of Tragic Consequences of Worldwide Emergence of Islam
March 23, 2017

New Study Sheds Light on Views of Millennials

Dr. Alex McFarland, Author of New Book, ‘Abandoned Faith,’ Analyzes Why Millennials Are Walking Away from Their Faith
March 20, 2017

Why Are Millennials Walking Away from Faith?

Fox News and Christian Post Ask Alex McFarland, Author of ‘Abandoned Faith,’ About What Contributes to the Mass Exodus
March 14, 2017

February 2017

Religion and Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland Debates American Atheists’ David Silverman on Sunday for Fifth Time; Religious Liberty Executive Order to Be Discussed

February 19 Event at University of British Columbia Will Delve Into Question of Whether Christianity Can Cause Immoral Behavior
February 16, 2017

Why Are Millennials Walking Away from Faith? How Can We Turn Them Around?

Religion and culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland addresses these questions.
February 13, 2017

American Universities: No Longer About Education But Indoctrination

Berkeley and NYU Protests Are Evidence That Millennials Are Longing to Belong, Even as They Leave Faith; New Book by Religion and Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland Explores How to Bring Them Home
February 6, 2017

Dr. Alex McFarland: Protests Prove that Berkeley is Not About Education but Indoctrination

Dr. Alex McFarland is available to comment on the state of America’s universities and why millennials perhaps don’t value free speech.
February 2, 2017

January 2017

Will 2017 Be the Year We Finally Stand Up for the Unborn?

As the nation prepares to observe 44 years since the legalization of abortion in America through the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on Jan. 22, 1973, many pray this black mark on American history will soon be the past rather than the future.
January 9, 2017

December 2016

We Turn the Calendar on Christ’s Birth, Life and Death

December 27, 2016

Jesus: The Fact On Whom All Other Facts Rest

Religion and Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland: -Isms Are Nullified in John I, Which Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Baby Jesus
December 20, 2016

Where Have All the Bibles Gone?

New Study Finds That Number of Religious Materials in Hotels Has Plummeted Over Past Decade; Religion and Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland Says Trend is Part of a National ‘De-Christianization’
December 12, 2016

November 2016

Taking the Chance for a New Start

Dr. Alex McFarland: The Nation Has Been Given a Gift of a New Beginning and an Opportunity for Real Change in America
November 22, 2016

How Could Christians Vote for Trump? (In Droves, That’s How)

Dr. Alex McFarland: How Could They Not?
November 15, 2016

Americans Voted for the Better of Two Futures and for Someone Who Truly Loves America

Dr. Alex McFarland: With the Election Behind Us, We Can Know One Thing for Sure—God Still Sits on His Throne
November 9, 2016

Snapshot of a Post-Election America

November 7, 2016

The Utlimate Voting Question: Will I Feel Good About the Next President’s Decisions?

8 Critical Voting Points from Religion and Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland Will Give Wisdom and Insight at the Polls
November 1, 2016