News Releases from the American Family Association

November 2022 News Releases

AFA Action laments passing of Respect for Marriage Act in Senate, calls for government to uphold religious freedom

‘The real purpose of this bill is to weaponize federal agencies to harass and target Christian schools, adoption agencies and social service organizations that hold sincere religious beliefs about traditional marriage’

November 29, 2022

American Family Association president encourages parents to fight for their children in the face of obscene educational methods

 Parents must be aware of what their children are being taught and ‘cannot take no for an answer,’ says AFA President Tim Wildmon

November 21, 2022

AFA: Mothers suffering long-term aftereffects of abortion should move Christians to compassion

 AFA executive vice president: ‘Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, these women can receive the forgiveness of God and His peace’

November 14, 2022

AFA charges Christians to remain positive in light of ‘loss’ of absolute truth in American culture

Katy Talento: ‘Hospitals are required by law to post their prices for easy comparative shopping, so why aren’t they complying?’

November 7, 2022

October 2022 News Releases

AFA Executive Vice President calls Christian election priorities ‘spiritually suicidal’

 ‘Biblically speaking, the other problems we are facing can actually be caused by God’s judgments upon a country that commits iniquity and promotes the many abominations that plague our own nation’   

October 31, 2022

‘Schools are becoming indoctrination centers for cultural radicals,’ says AFA Executive Vice President

AFA: ‘It’s time for radical changes all right — just not the kind imagined by the cultural Marxists’

October 24, 2022

AFA says new poll on Coach Joe Kennedy ruling shows ‘the Church has plenty of work to do’

AFA: ‘This is not the time to rest on our laurels as believers… We must remember the Great Commission and fulfill our obligations to that calling’

October 17, 2022

AFA condemns NY state court approving polygamy which further undermines Western Civilization

AFA: ‘The reasoning of the Supreme Court in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision leads in a straight line to the legalization of polygamy’

October 10, 2022

AFA applauds Gov. Youngkin for advancing parents’ rights in children’s transgender decisions 

AFA: ‘The radicals running schools have been at the controls, literally brainwashing impressionable young people’

October 3, 2022

September 2022 News Releases

AFA urges Christians to stand firm on the religious foundation that built America

AFA: ‘The Christian faith, properly understood and exercised faithfully, is both a boon to and a bulwark for society’

September 26, 2022

As young Christians abandon the faith, AFA says pray for a repeat of revival from American history

‘There are tens of millions of believers whom the God of heaven could use to ignite a new awakening and revival’

September 19, 2022

AFA commends federal judge for protecting First Amendment rights for Christian adoption agency

AFA Executive Vice President claims ruling ‘demonstrates that the sexual radicals hate religious liberty’ and ‘abhor the freedoms protected by the First Amendment’

September 12, 2022

August 2022 News Releases

AFA slams upcoming UN resolution on abortion: Life is a fundamental right, not abortion

American Family Association Executive Vice President: ‘The UN is overrun with and controlled by people who hate God and His laws’

August 29, 2022

American Family Association: Transgender activists invading women’s bathrooms are the real ‘bullies in our society’   

AFA calls out organizations endorsing the radical Left’s drive to have grown men using women’s locker rooms and bathrooms

August 22, 2022

American Family Association stands with Christian university’s commitment to biblical hiring practices

AFA agrees First Amendment protections for religious exercise and free speech protect Seattle Pacific from abuse of governmental power

August 8, 2022

American Family Association salutes states suing Feds for withholding lunch funding unless schools have transgender bathrooms

With $29 billion on the line for children’s meals, AFA ‘encourages all freedom-loving Americans to dig in and get involved in the fight’

July 27, 2022

July 2022 News Releases

American Family Association spokesperson laments declining religious freedom and the loss of tolerance in America

AFA Executive Vice President: ‘Christians should pray for the boldness to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ’

July 25, 2022

American Family Association applauds Mississippi Pregnancy Resource Act in light of Dobbs v. Jackson

AFA Senior Fellow Dr. Jameson Taylor: ‘It is only by encouraging this kind of collaboration that we are going to provide real, lasting solutions for women and families.’

July 18, 2022

June 2022 News Releases

American Family Association: Christians must pray for boldness and prepare for persecution

‘It’s time to remember that our primary task as salt and light is to bear witness to the reality of the love of God in Jesus Christ. If that comes at a price, so be it’

June 20, 2022

American Family Association: As terrorist radicals attack pro-life pregnancy centers, law-abiding Americans must vote for law and order this fall

June 13, 2022

American Family Association applauds Virginia Gov. Youngkin’s bill protecting religious freedom

‘To tell people of faith that they can believe what they want but cannot legally act upon those beliefs is to force them into the closet’

June 6, 2022

May 2022 

American Family Association urges America to regain its biblical worldview by returning to Christian foundation

AFA: ‘The American church must pursue holiness and proclaim the gospel or America could disappear from history’

May 23, 2022

American Family Association applauds Gov. DeSantis for new law ensuring Florida high school students learn about the Victims of Communism  

AFA: “Not only pleasant weather in the Sunshine State, there’s sanity.”

May 16, 2022

American Family Association: Polling shows confusion about overturning Roe v. Wade, but persevering pro-lifers look for another win 

AFA: ‘This is for the people in each state to decide for themselves’

May 9, 2022

American Family Association: pray the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes constitutionally protected free speech

AFA: Kennedy v. Bremerton SCOTUS case is opportunity to clarify the protections for speech and religious exercise in the Constitution 

May 2, 2022

April 2022

American Family Association responds to Apple aggressively promoting gender confusion with ‘pregnant man’ and other new emojis

AFA: Fostering even more confusion isn’t the answer to darkness and delusion about individual identity

April 25, 2022

American Family Association calls for Christians to celebrate ‘the hope of everlasting life’

Study shows that majority of Americans believe that Easter’s moral lessons are important to ‘ensuring a strong America for future generations’

April 18, 2022

American Family Association: Leniency for child predators on the Supreme Court is a great concern

‘Our prayer is that she will lean on the God of the Bible in her deliberations and be faithful to His unchanging law in her decisions’

April 8, 2022

American Family Association calls youth gender reassignment surgery child abuse

April 4, 2022

March 2022

As Americans forsake church, the American Family Association sounds alarm and issues ‘a call to arms’

AFA: We must ‘admit that hell has unleashed a torrent of ungodliness against America that requires a call to arms, not another night streaming Netflix’

March 28, 2022

American Family Association denounces Planned Parenthood’s abortion ice cream truck

AFA: ‘The blood of the innocent cries out to God for vindication’

March 21, 2022

AFA praises Christian millennials for their generosity and compassion for others

Millennial Christians are enlisting in an army of ‘healers and helpers’

March 14, 2022

AFA Action joins movement to highlight the inaccuracies of prenatal genetic testing

New study reveals that some parents abort babies due to prenatal genetic testing misinformation

March 8, 2022

AFA urges Christians to pray for both Ukrainians and Russians as Russia continues invasion

‘We all need Jesus, and the power of the gospel is the true source of hope’

March 7, 2022

February 2022

AFA: Christians have a duty to pray for Ukraine to the God who cares about human suffering

‘Many are probably grieving for the people caught in the crossfire. But Christians can add a powerful instrument for peace, and that’s prayer’

February 28, 2022

American Family Association responds to study indicating those with faith are more fulfilled

AFA: ‘Nothing is worse for human beings than the Darwinian lie that we are mere combinations of cells adrift in a random universe of matter without purpose’

February 22, 2022

American Family Association denounces higher education Valentine’s Day trend, ‘Sex Week’

AFA: The point of ‘Sex Week’ supplanting Valentine’s Day is to destroy lives and turn Christian students away from their faith

February 14, 2022

American Family Association: School district uses anti-bullying policy against Christian speech

AFA: Students and parents must stand together against school districts trying to silence other views

February 7, 2022

American Family Association rereleases film ‘The God Who Speaks’ free to AFA’s new streaming platform

February 1, 2022

January 2022

American Family Association: Florida bill correctly asserts parents, not school districts, say when children learn about sexual orientation and gender

AFA: ‘Parents are in charge of their children––schools and all government must honor that truth’

January 31, 2022

American Family Association: there is more life in Texas as heartbeat bill saves 10,000+ from abortion

AFA: tens of thousands more will be saved by courageous, dedicated, and hard-working men and women 

January 24, 2022

American Family Association: we stood firm, now Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate is UNENFORCEABLE

AFA: ‘We thank God for this victory that allows Americans to continue to enjoy freedom to make their own health choices’

January 17, 2022

American Family Association: Now is the Time to Reach Young People Who Made ‘A Relationship with God’ a Top New Year’s Resolution

AFA Urges Church to Find More Ways to Present the Gospel as Survey Reveals Spiritual Hunger in Younger Generations

January 10, 2022

December 2021

AFA Responds to New Study Claiming that Majority Supports Some Abortion Restrictions

‘Christians Need to Earnestly Pray the High Court Has the Courage to Do the Right Thing—Overturn the Abomination of Roe v. Wade’

December 13, 2021

American Family Association Responds to Oral Arguments on Dobbs v. Jackson at Supreme Court

AFA: ‘The Sin of Abortion That Has Haunted This Nation for More Than Four Decades May Be Slowly Coming to An End’

December 6, 2021

AFA Action Announces Acquisition of iVoterGuide Ahead of 2022 Midterm Elections

AFA Action CEO: ‘We Will Continue to Fight for the Preservation and Advancement of Judeo-Christian Values in Government’

December 1, 2021

November 2021

American Family Association: Pastors Desperately Need Encouragement Especially After Grueling Pandemic Season

40% of Ministers Consider Quitting According to New Study

November 29, 2021

American Family Association: Public School Gave Gender Identity and Pronoun Counseling to 13-Year-Old Without Parents’ Consent

AFA Says Parents Should Beware! A Florida Lawsuit Highlights Sinister Trends Going Back Decades

November 22, 2021

American Family Association Helps Suspend Vaccine Mandate Enforcement for US Organizations

November 18, 2021

American Family Association: The Administration is Bullying Employers about Mandates while Violating Sacred Rights of Conscience

AFA Calls Out Government ‘Trampling Not Only Constitutional Liberties

November 15, 2021

American Family Association Congratulates Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for Signing H.B. 25

Bill Requires Public School Students to Compete in Interscholastic Athletic Competitions Based On Biological Sex

November 1, 2021

American Family Association Announces a New Streaming Service That Cannot be Censored

‘Our Days of Being Canceled by Culture and Banned From Speaking the Truth Are Over’

November 1, 2021

October 2021

American Family Association Urges Christians to Fight for Religious Freedoms

AFA: ‘Christians Cannot Be Passive in the Face of this Radical Gender Madness’

October 25, 2021  

American Family Association Defends the Institution of Marriage as Statistics Indicate Notable Decline

‘The Fight for Biblical Marriage Must Continue, and The Church is the Institution That Must Lead That Fight’

October 18, 2021  

American Family Association Responds to Taliban’s Belief in Radical Islamic Prophecy

 Warns that False Religious Ideology Can ‘Drive People to Murder and Oppress Because Horrifying Actions are Given Divine Sanction’

October 11, 2021

AFA Critiques Recent British Medical Journal’s LGBTQ+ Pandering At the Expense of Women

AFA Urges Christians to ‘Be Compassionate and Loving’ But to ‘Never Abandon the Truth In Order to Be Popular’

October 4, 2021    

September 2021



August 2021

American Family Association Encourages Churches to ‘Return to Solid Biblical Teaching’

‘God is Willing and Able to Save Our Neighbors, But Who Will be Saved if No One Preaches the Truth to Them?’

August 30, 2021

Parents Told to Leave School District to Avoid LGBTQ+ Education; AFA Condemns ‘Inclusive’ Teaching

AFA Executive Vice President: ‘Christian Leaders Have Been Warning That This Day Was Coming’

August 16, 2021

American Family Association Reminds America, ‘Marriage is the Centerpiece of the Family’

AFA Calls for Return to God-Designed Marriage as the Foundation of Families Across the Nation Through New “By Design” Project

August 12, 2021

American Family Association’s Executive Vice President Commends Olympians Proclaiming Christ on a Global Stage

AFA Calls Actions of Certain Olympians ‘Blessings for Believers and a Witness to the Reality of the Family of God”

August 9, 2021

American Family Association Calls Out Cultural Marxists Brainwashing Today’s Youth

As College Students Claim to Not be Proud to Be American, AFA Executive Vice President Urges Population to Think Critically

August 3, 2021

July 2021

AFA Book Launch – Priceless Pennies: Rose and Odette – Unknown Children of the Holocaust

What is the Value of One Life?

July 30, 2021

AFA Calls for Supreme Court to Honor Constitutional Rights of High School Football Coach Fired for Praying and Hear His Case

American Family Association Supports Coach Joe Kennedy in His Bid for Supreme Court Ruling

July 26, 2021

Fewer ‘Nones’ Among Declining American Religious Population, According to Newly Released Report

American Family Association: “Will We as a People Continue Down the Pathway to Secularism, or Will We Return to Our Christian Roots?”

July 19, 2021

Survey: Americans Have Fewer Close Friendships Than Recent Decades

Men Have Fewest Close Friends, Declines Among Singles and Young Adults Especially Concerning

July 12, 2021

Poll: Americans Question if U.S. is Best Place to Live

American Family Association: Americans Need to Become Energized to Engage in the Fight for the Soul of Our Nation

July 6, 2021

June 2021

New Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Freedom of Religion is Crucial to a ‘Healthy American Society’

American Family Association: ‘Christians and Members of Other Faiths Must Be Vigilant and Fight to Keep this Right Sacrosanct’

June 28, 2021

American Family Association Applauds ‘Monumental’ Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Catholic Social Services

‘Christians Must Never Stop Defending What Is Right’

June 21, 2021

Female Athletes Targeted Again – This Time by U.S. Department of Education

Biden’s Secretary of Education Warns of Possible Action against Schools that Refuse to Prioritize Transgender Athletes’ Rights

June 14, 2021

AFA Encourages Americans’ Participation in Day of Prayer and Appreciation for Law Enforcement

Join AFA and Millions of Americans in a Special Day of Prayer and Appreciation for the Nation’s Finest on Sunday, June 13

June 10, 2021

AFA Applauds Americans’ Resolve to Protect Female Athletes

Latest Gallup Poll Reveals 62% of Americans Oppose Biological Boys Competing in Girls’ Sports

June 7, 2021

May 2021

America’s Youth Cutting Ties with Traditional Christian Views and Biblical Teachings

American Worldview Inventory 2021 Finds 43% of Millennials ‘Don’t Know, Don’t Care, Don’t Believe’ God Exists

May 24, 2021

American Family Association Urging Department of Health and Human Services to Include Adoption Counseling and Referral into Final Rule of Title X Program

May 18, 2021

American Family Association Rejoices as Americans Turn to the Bible Amid Global Pandemic

American Bible Society 2021 State of the Bible Report Finds Millions Turning to God’s Word

May 17, 2021

30 U.S. States Seeking to Block Transgender Athletes from Competing in Girls’ Sports

God Made Biological Males to Be Men and Biological Females to Be Women: Biology—not Perception or Identity—is What Matters on the Playing Field

May 10, 2021

American Family Association Applauds Four States for Their Pro-Life Courage and Leadership

Governors in Arizona, Idaho, Oklahoma and Montana Sign Pro-Life Bills to Protect the Rights of the Unborn

May 3, 2021

April 2021

Shocking Report Released Documenting Religious Persecution Worldwide

American Family Association: ‘There Is a Spirit of Tyranny Brewing; Religious Freedom and Other Liberties Are Being Threatened by a Totalitarian Spirit’

April 26, 2021

Conservatives Push for Strict Sex Education Laws

American Family Association: ‘What They are Teaching––and What They Want to Teach––Could Turn an Entire Generation of Children Against Their Own Nation and, Even Worse, Against God’

April 19, 2021

Americans Search for Meaning and Purpose During Covid

April 15, 2021

Americans Search for Meaning and Purpose During Covid

American Family Association: ‘Christians Need the Confidence to Boldly Proclaim the Truth of Scripture to People Who Want Answers – But Don’t Know Where to Look’

April 12, 2021

HISTORIC LEGISLATION! Arkansas Legislature Votes to Override Governor’s Veto of SAFE Act at AFA’s Urging

American Family Association Commends Arkansas Legislature for Their Courageous Vote

April 8, 2021

Gallup Reports Less Than 50% of Americans Belong to a Church

American Family Association: ‘America Is in Desperate Need of a Move of God’

April 5, 2021

March 2021

Fighting Attacks from Sex and Gender Radicals

American Family Association: ‘People Like Jack Phillips Are Heroes Precisely Because They Will Not Bend the Knee to the Bullies Who Have Temporarily Seized Power’

March 29, 2021

A Return to Pagan Sexuality: Domestic Partnership Ordinance in Cambridge, MA

American Family Association: ‘We Can Expect Lawlessness and Violence to Only Increase as Our People Rush Headlong Away from the Lord

March 22, 2021

American Family Association Applauds Mississippi Transgender Ban and Encourages More States to Follow Suit

March 15, 2021

American Family Association Applauds Mississippi House for Protecting Female Athletes

March 4, 2021

American Family Association Responds to “So-Called” Equality Act Legislation

AFA: ‘The Truth is Desperately Needed in This Hour to Counteract the Lies of the Radical Left’

March 1, 2021

February 2021

American Family Association Reacts to the Passing of Rush Limbaugh

AFA: Rush Limbaugh Changed Radio and Almost Single-handedly Created Conservative Talk Radio

February 22, 2021

Abraham Hamilton, III Faults the Nation’s Educational System for Turning Americans Away from God

American Family Radio Host of ‘The Hamilton Corner’: ‘Our Children Are Being Indoctrinated in Godless Public Schools

February 22, 2021

American Family Association Applauds Mississippi Senate for Protecting Female Athletes

Mississippi Senate Strikes Blow to Biden Executive Order Forcing Women Athletes to Compete with Men by Passing Fairness Act

February 12, 2021

American Family Association’s Letter to the Mississippi Senate: Vote for the Mississippi Fairness Act (SB 2536)

AFA President Tim Wildmon: ‘Allowing Males to Compete in Women’s Sports Will Mean the End of Women’s Sports’

February 9, 2021

Education Department Secretary Nominee Miguel Cardona Supports Schools Permitting Biological Males in Girls Sports

American Family Association: ‘End This Charade’

February 8, 2021

Abraham Hamilton, III Examines Why America Has Stopped Believing in God

American Family Radio Host of ‘The Hamilton Corner’: ‘Almost All of It Is Attributable to Education’

February 8, 2021

Report: China Leaders Fear Christian Population May Reach 300 Million by 2030

American Family Association: ‘It Is Still Astonishing to See the Power of the Gospel Play Out in our World Today in an Oppressive Environment like Communist China’

February 1, 2021

January 2021

Dr. King, Leaders Applaud American Family Association’s Joseph Parker’s Pro-Life Book “A Pastor’s Notes”

AFA: ‘Joseph Parker Has Proven Himself a Steady, Prayerful, Righteous Man of God as He Contends for the Lives of Pre-Born Babies’

January 26, 2021

American Family Association: ‘We Are Grateful for What President Trump Accomplished Over the Last Four Years’

January 25, 2021

American Family Association Encourages Christians to Pray for the New President

January 20, 2021

American Family Association: ‘May God Have Mercy on Our Nation’

Nation Desperate for a ‘Spiritual Awakening’ Amidst Threats of Armed Protests Ahead of Inauguration Day

January 18, 2021

American Family Association: ‘It Is Clear that the Pro-Life Movement Still Has a Lot of Work to Do’

January 11, 2021

American Family Association’s Year-End Message: ‘Resist and Restore’

AFA: ‘A Renewed Vision of Faithfulness, Perseverance, and Hope’

January 4, 2021

December 2020

American Family Association Applauds the Supreme Court for the Temporary Relief of Coronavirus Restrictions

AFA: ‘The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Explicitly Protects People of Faith from this Type of Government Overreach’

December 21, 2020

The U.S. State Department Has Added Nigeria to Its List of “Countries of Particular Concern”

AFA: ‘We Should Frequently Remind Congress and the White House to Do All They Can to Pressure these Violators of Religious Freedom to Stop’

December 14, 2020

American Family Association Announces the Don Wildmon Center for Cultural Transformation

December 9, 2020

U.S. Supreme Court Grants “Injunctive Relief” from Governor for California Churches and Pastors

AFA on Gov. Newsom: ‘We’re Talking About Tyranny’

December 7, 2020

November 2020

Maintaining a Spirit of Thankfulness for All that God Has Done and Will Do Is Crucial

AFA: ‘Our Country Is in Desperate Need of Spiritual Awakening’

November 30, 2020

Walker Wildmon of American Family Association on the 2020 Voter Fraud Allegations

AFA: ‘The Judicial System Should Rule on These Lawsuits and Ensure Every Legal Vote is Counted’

November 23, 2020

Tim Wildmon of American Family Association on the 2020 Election Results: The Constitution Clearly Defines That Electors from Each State Choose the President

AFA: ‘The Judicial System Should Rule on These Lawsuits and Ensure Every Legal Vote is Counted’

November 10, 2020

American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon on Election Day: ‘Voting Is One of the Most Powerful Instruments in Our Toolbox’

AFA Urges All Christians on Nov. 3 to ‘Go to the Polls
and Vote According to Biblical Principles’

November 3, 2020

October 2020

American Family Association Congratulates New Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Her Confirmation, Calling the News ‘Outstanding’ for All Who Believe in Family and Faith

 AFA Notes the Senate ‘Acted Strongly and Appropriately’

October 26, 2020

American Family Association Urges All Citizens to Call Their Senators Today, Tell Them to Confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court

 AFA Says Senators ‘Need to Be Encouraged to Stand Strong Against the Coming Liberal Tsunami of Intimidation and Hate’

October 26, 2020

Tomorrow! American Family Association Releases Compelling New Film, ‘In His Image,’ on Gender and Sexuality

 AFA Says, ‘We Will Not Be Silent. We Must Clearly Proclaim
the Truth of Scripture with the Grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ’

October 19, 2020

AFA Action Asks Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham to Rule Attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Religious Faith Out of Order

‘It’s Time to Stand Against Any Unconstitutional,
Anti-religious Bigotry’

October 12, 2020

American Family Association Reacts to Study Results Showing That Just 2 Percent of Millennials Hold to a Biblical Worldview: ‘Absolutely Heartbreaking’

 AFA: ‘The Mission of the Church Couldn’t Be Clearer: We Must Reach This Generation with the Hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ’

October 12, 2020

AFA Action to Take Part in Prayer Event for Supreme Court Nominee on Monday, Oct. 12: ‘A Call to Pray for Judge Amy Coney Barrett and Her Family’ in D.C.

Faith Leaders Will Ask God to Bless Amy Coney Barrett as Her Senate Confirmation Hearings Begin

October 12, 2020

American Family Association Prays for President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as They Battle COVID-19

‘We Are Asking God to Protect Them from the
More Serious Symptoms of This Virus and for Healing’

October 2, 2020

September 2020

Family Rights Watchdog Praises President Trump’s Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to U.S. Supreme Court

AFA: ‘The Very Future of Our Republic Depends on It.’

September 28, 2020

Netflix Cancellations Spike as 61,000 People Sign AFA Petition to Cancel ‘Cuties’, Bring Child Porn Charges

AFA: ‘Netflix Should Be Investigated and Held Accountable for Crossing the Line with its Distribution.’

September 21, 2020

‘Government Officials Continue to Unfairly Target Christians’ as Seattle Closes Park to ‘Let Us Worship’ Event

AFA: ‘Despite Unconstitutional Government Edicts, Churches Across America Must Continue to Open and Remain Open’

September 14, 2020

AFA: Legislature Should Have Closed the ‘Loophole for Straight Adults,’ Not ‘Give Homosexual Predators the Same Option for a Free Pass’

September 8, 2020

August 2020

American Family Association Set to Release Timely New Film on Gender and Sexuality

AFA: “‘In His Image’ proclaims the truth with both courage and compassion.”

August 31, 2020

Trump, Biden, or Jesus in 2020? Families Welcome New Campaign Signs to Presidential Election Race in Final Countdown

American Family Association: ‘JESUS 2020’ Signs Remind Christians to Vote for Candidates Friendly to Religious Liberty

August 24, 2020

New Poll Proves Importance of Religious Freedom to Vast Majority of Americans Heading into Key Election

American Family Association: ‘Christians Need To Continue To Be Vigilant’ against ‘Aggressive Atheistic and Marxist Movement’

August 10, 2020

Presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden’s VP Pick Could Usher In Dark Days for Families

American Family Association: Christians Must Vote for Either Constitutional Principles or ‘Fire-Bombing’ of U.S. Foundations

August 4, 2020

July 2020

Planned Parenthood’s Abuse of Black Americans Continues Despite Scrubbing ‘Sanger’ From Building

American Family Association: If They Truly Valued Black Lives, They Would Change Their Business Model

July 27, 2020

American Family Association: Florida Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Posting Death Threats to AFA on Facebook

AFA Grateful for Justice, Law Enforcement Protection; Affirms ‘All Persons Are Individuals of Sacred Worth’

July 22, 2020

Christians View America as World Leader But Disagree on Race, Survey Shows

July 6, 2020

June 2020

American Family Association: Civil Discourse More Effective Cure for Injustice Than Radical Violence

Vandals Claiming Disenfranchisement ‘Disregard Views of Fellow Citizens,’ ‘Forcing Will on Others’

June 29, 2020

AFA: Beware of Advocating for Socialism in U.S. as It’s a Slippery Slope On the Way to Communism

AFA President Tim Wildmon: Prayer for Persecuted Church in China Needed as Communist Government Oppression Strips Religious Freedom

June 15, 2020

American Family Association: Double Standard for Church Gatherings Unconstitutional

AFA President Tim Wildmon: As Motivation Behind Discriminatory Standard is a Secular Disdain for Religion, Chief Justice John Roberts Seems to Prefer Wild Card Status Over Guarding Rights

June 8, 2020

American Family Association: Death of George Floyd Is a Tragedy from Every Angle

June 1, 2020

May 2020

AFA Agrees with President Trump: Churches Are Essential to the Well-Being of America

May 26, 2020

American Family Association: Don’t Turn Pandemic Into a Spending Frenzy

AFA President Tim Wildmon: ‘Restrain This Lunacy’

May 15, 2020

American Family Association Commends Trump Administration for Issuing New Regulation Protecting Students from False Allegations of Abuse

May 13, 2020

AFA: We Need to Continue Praying for the President and the Rest of our Political Leaders

May 11, 2020

Leaders Must Ensure Coronavirus Does Not Pave the Way for Religious Discrimination

American Family Association Cites Letter from Ted Cruz to AG Barr

May 4, 2020

April 2020

How Economic News Points Us Back to God

American Family Association: This is Truly a 2 Chronicles 7:14 Moment for the Church

April 27, 2020

American Family Association: Don’t Let the Coronavirus Turn America Into China

Clampdown on Religious Liberty Should Not Be Side Effect of COVID-19; AFA President Tim Wildmon: ‘This Is Blatantly Unconstitutional’

April 24, 2020

God, You Have Families’ Attention

American Family Association Encourages Families to Take This Time at Home to Grow Closer to Each Other and Closer to Jesus

April 6, 2020

March 2020

As Parents Face Uncertainty, American Family Association and One Million Moms Remind of Hope

1MM Director Monica Cole: ‘Pray for Healing for our Country and the Entire World–God Is Able’

March 24, 2020

American Family Association: Urge Senators to Censure Chuck Schumer Over Threats to SCOTUS

AFA President Tim Wildmon: ‘Many Took Schumer’s Words as Inciting Possible Violence Against the Justices’

March 11, 2020

February 2020

Target’s ‘No Tolerance’ Excuse Is Intolerable

American Family Association: The Only Real Way to Prevent Sexual Assaults Against Women and Girls Is for Target to Restrict Men from Certain Areas of its Stores

February 24, 2020

American Family Association’s Engage Ministry Reaches Millennials to Strengthen Marriages

Engage Seeks to Connect Young Christians and Be a Voice for America’s Influential Millennial Generation

February 18, 2020

American Family Association: State of the Union Can Be a Family Affair

Tonight’s State of the Union Address Allows Parents to Create a Teachable Moment About America’s Past, Present and Future

February 4, 2020

January 2020

18,000+ Sign One Million Moms Petition to Sabra Hummus Over Super Bowl Drag Queen Ad

1MM, a Division of American Family Association: ‘Thanks Sabra! Now Parents Have a Lot to Explain to Their Confused Children!’

January 30, 2020

AFA Action: ‘Enough Already! It’s Time to Acquit.’

Calling on Americans to Contact Senators About Impeachment Trial ‘Sham’

January 29, 2020

One Million Moms to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Don’t Fumble on a Family-Friendly Super Bowl

1MM, a Division of American Family Association, Reminds That Children and Families Will Be Watching the Big Game, Too

January 27, 2020

American Family Association Sponsoring Pro-Life Summit on Jan. 25 in Washington, D.C.

Protecting and Defending Life Has Been a Central Issue for AFA for 40+ Years

January 20, 2020

American Family Association: Resolve to #DumpNetflix in 2020

Streaming Service Continues to Offend, with Blasphemous Movie About a Homosexual Jesus and a Graphic and Damaging Teen-Targeted Series

January 13, 2020

3 Reasons Why the Culture War Is Winnable— And How American Family Association Is Helping

For Four Decades, AFA Has Engaged Christians to Change the Culture

January 6, 2020

December 2019

American Family Association President Tim Wildmon Joins President Trump’s Faith Advisory Council

This Fall, 12,500+ Signed AFA Pledge to Pray for the President Daily

December 16, 2019

November 2019

Who’s Been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice?

American Family Association’s 12th Annual Naughty or Nice List Calls Out Stores That Snub Christmas—and Notes Those That Are Christmas-Friendly

November 26, 2019

87,000 Sign American Family Association’s Petition to Chick-fil-A in Wake of Donation Controversy

AFA President Tim Wildmon: ‘It Looks Like They Have Caved to the LGBTQ Activists and Their Illegitimate Complaints—I Hope I’m Wrong.’

November 21, 2019

American Family Association: Trump’s Confirmation of 159 Federal Judges Unprecedented

As Assaults on Religious Liberty, Human Sexuality, Marriage, Family and Sanctity of Life Continue, Judges May Save the Republic

November 18, 2019

1.6 Million Still Won’t Be Shopping at Target

Record-Setting Christmas Season Predicted; American Family Association Says #BoycottTarget Pledge Continues to Make Impact

November 11, 2019

Christians Join Hearts for International Days of Prayer for Persecuted Church This Month

AFA Thanks President for Action to Protect Religious Freedom of
Faith-Based Adoption Programs and Foster Care Groups

November 6, 2019

American Family Association: It’s Still Not Too Late to Pull the Plug on ‘13 Reasons Why’

USA Today Also Says: ‘Zero Reasons’ to Watch ‘13 Reasons Why’

November 4, 2019

October 2019

American Family Association Leads Petition to Support Texas Father Who Is Protecting His Son

AFA Petition to Father Fighting Transgender Battle Says: ‘Thank You for Your Resolve to Protect and Defend Your Son, James’

October 28, 2019

5 Truths Most Americans Won’t Say

American Family Association Leader Tim Wildmon Shares the Basic Truths Missing in Today’s Dark and Confused Culture

October 21, 2019

Season 3 of ‘13 Reasons Why’ Is More of the Same ‘Darkness, Filth and Perversion’

Netflix Still Streaming the Very Damaging Teen-Targeted Series, and Even Secular Critics Agree Continuation of the Program is Pointless

October 14, 2019

American Family Association Calls for Prayer for the President; 11,000+ Have Committed to Pray Daily

As the Nation Seems to Be Unraveling in Hatred, AFA Offers Prayer as a Solution for the Chaos, Anger and Division in Washington

October 7, 2019

September 2019

House Democrats Come After American Family Association—By Name—Like Never Before

Ways and Means Committee Seeks to Strip Non-Profit Status from 60 Organizations Falsely Deemed as ‘Hate Groups’ by Discredited SPLC

September 30, 2019

American Family Association: See You at the Pole on Wednesday!

3 Million Students Will Gather at School Flagpoles at 7 a.m. Wednesday, September 25, to Pray for Friends, Families, Schools and Communities

September 24, 2019

American Family Association: Target Stores’ Policy Helps Man Exploit 6 Young Girls

Store Restroom Policy Continues to Strike a Chord with Americans

September 23, 2019

American Family Association Helps Fill Military Families’ Gas Tanks at Special Fort Campbell Event

 ‘Operation Tank Full of Love’ on Saturday, Sept. 21, Will Minister Financially and Spiritually to America’s Military Families

September 16, 2019

American Family Association Gives Further Warning About ‘13 Reasons Why’ Abortion Subplot

AFA’s Tim Wildmon: ‘The Entertainment Industry Certainly Isn’t Committed to Protecting Our Kids, So We Must’—155,000 Have Signed Netflix Petition

September 9, 2019

AFA Constituents and Listeners Voice Their Gratitude for the Impact AFA Has Had on Family and Culture—For Over Four Decades

 ‘Thankful That the People at American Family Association and American Family Radio Have Touched So Many Lives and Stayed Obedient to Share the Gospel’

September 3, 2019

August 2019

American Family Association Warns Families That Agenda-Driven ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Is Targeting Small-Town America

AFA Partner One Million Moms Calls on American Library Association to Stop Supporting Dangerous Events to Indoctrinate Children

August 26, 2019

American Family Association Parent Warning: Netflix Releasing Season 3 of ‘13 Reasons Why’ Tomorrow

Save the Persecuted Christians Works to Raise Awareness About Those Under Attack for Their Faith—Especially Women and Children

August 22, 2019

American Family Association: Thank President Trump for Defunding Planned Parenthood

Save the Persecuted Christians Works to Raise Awareness About Those Under Attack for Their Faith—Especially Women and Children

August 21, 2019

American Family Association Reminds Shoppers During Back-to-School Season: Target Stores Still Have Dangerous Fitting Room Policy

New Voyeur Incident Involves Man in Pennsylvania Who Drilled Holes in Multiple Dressing Room Walls to Photograph Women and Children

August 19, 2019

American Family Association to the NEA: Drop Pro-Abortion Stance

AFA President Tim Wildmon Asks: How Can an Organization Charged with Making School a Safe Haven for Kids and a Good Workplace for Teachers Be So Anti-Children?

August 12, 2019

American Family Association: Condemn Hatred, Recognize Deep Spiritual Needs, Pray for Families and Communities in Wake of Tragic Shootings

August 5, 2019

American Family Association Points to New Study Showing Millennial Support for Homosexual Lifestyle Is Declining

AFA President Tim Wildmon: ‘The Scales Might Finally be Tipping in a Pro-Family Direction on Homosexuality’
August 5, 2019

July 2019

Cutting Graphic Suicide Scene Is Not Enough—Netflix Must Remove Entire ‘13 Reasons Why’ Series, Says American Family Association

AFA Continues to Alert Parents About Dangers of Teen-Targeted Series That Glorifies Suicide and Centers on Other Controversial Topics
July 29, 2019

Netflix Says It Will Snuff Out Smoking and Has Deleted a Heinous Scene, But Still Plans to Release Season 3 of ‘13 Reasons Why’ in October

American Family Association Has Been Alerting Parents for Many Months About Dangers of This Teen-Targeted Series That Glorifies Suicide and Centers on a Host of Controversial Topics
July 22, 2019

American Family Association Asks: Why Was a Christian Player Snubbed from the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team?

AFA Encourages Americans to Sign Petition of Support for Jaelene Hinkle
July 15, 2019

As Facebook Announces Latest Efforts, Big Tech Continues to Censor Conservative Voices

American Family Association Part of Free Speech Alliance, a Coalition of 50+ Organizations Committed to Combating Online Bias and Censorship
July 8, 2019

American Family Association Continues to Alert Parents About Dangerous Netflix Teen-Targeted Series ‘13 Reasons Why’

Study Shows Kids’ Suicides Spiked After ‘13RW’ Release
July 1, 2019

June 2019

American Family Association Alerts Parents That LGBTQ Agenda is Targeting Children and Teens

Agenda Pushed Through Previously Unconventional Means, Such as Kids’ Television, Clothing, Shoes, Magazines, Movies and Libraries
June 24, 2019

Exciting New Programming Lineup Coming to American Family Radio

June 24, 2019

American Family Association Applauds SCOTUS Decision to Keep Bladensburg Peace Cross

Opinion Announced Today Reverses Lower Court Ruling; Court Says Cross That Honors Fallen Heroes Can Remain in Maryland
June 20, 2019

‘Marriage, Family and Life’ Conference Will Bring Important Issues to Forefront

Community Leaders Wil and Meeke Addison Seek to Equip and Motivate the Body of Christ to Engage the Culture Boldly with Truth
June 10, 2019

American Family Association Releases Statement After President Trump’s Acknowledgment of ‘Pride Month’

AFA President Tim Wildmon: Trump Should Stand Firm Against Any Legislation That Threatens Religious Freedom
June 3, 2019

American Family Association Alerts Shoppers That Target Stores Are Donating $100,000 to Promote Gay Lifestyle to School Children

Target’s Website Has Several Pages Dedicated to Products That Promote LGBT Lifestyle
June 3, 2019

May 2019

Franklin Graham Joins American Family Association President Tim Wildmon on ‘Today’s Issues’ to Discuss Day of Prayer for the President

Graham and Wildmon Have Both Signed on to Statement Calling for a ‘Special Day of Prayer for the President’ on Sunday, June 2
May 28, 2019

One Million Moms: FCC’s Acknowledgement That TV Ratings System Is Lacking Is Step in Right Direction

1MM’s Monica Cole: ‘Outrageous That a System Designed to Protect Children from Toxic Entertainment Is Older Than Google, iPhone and Facebook’
May 28, 2019

American Family Association and Urban Family Communications Planning ‘Marriage, Family and Life’ Conference

June 20-22 Event at Hope Church in Tupelo Will Motivate the Body of Christ to Engage the Culture Boldly with Truth
May 20, 2019

As Georgia, Mississippi and Others Protect Unborn Babies with Heartbeat Laws, American Family Association Calls on More States to Do the Same

AFA President Tim Wildmon: Babies, Both Born and Unborn, Deserve to Have Their Lives Protected
May 14, 2019

New Study Shows Kids’ Suicides Spiked After Release of Netflix Teen Series ‘13 Reasons Why’

American Family Association Has Alerted Parents About Dangerous Show for Months; 144,000 Have Signed AFA Petition to Netflix
May 1, 2019

April 2019

American Family Association Urges President to Remain Committed to Transgender Military Ban

April 30, 2019

Church Membership Down ‘Sharply’ Over Past Two Decades

American Pastors Network Asks: What Are the Reasons, and Why Are Religious ‘Nones’ Growing So Rapidly?
April 29, 2019

American Family Association ‘Strongly Opposes’ Equality Act

In Letter to Mitch McConnell, AFA Says It Is Against Any Amendment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to Include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as Protected Classes
April 29, 2019

The Rise and Fall of the Southern Poverty Law Center

American Family Association Says SPLC Finally Being Exposed as the Fraudulent and Corrupt Organization It Has Become
April 15, 2019

American Family Association Encourages Families and Church Groups to Spread the Word About Easter Film ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’

Animated Movie Based on John Bunyan’s Religious Allegory Playing Nationwide April 18 and 20 Only
April 8, 2019

March 2019

Indecent and Dangerous Events Happening at Public Libraries Nationwide

American Family Association Warns Families About Agenda-Driven ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ That Could Be Coming to Their Local Library
March 11, 2019

February 2019

American Family Association: Senate Must Pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Vote Is Expected Monday Night for Measure That Will Protect the Lives of Infants who Survive Abortion; Senate Must Make Bill a Priority
February 25, 2019

American Family Association: More Families Say Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’ Is to Blame for Suicides

AFA Continues Push for Streaming Service to #pull13reasonswhy, as Netflix Makes ‘Dirty Dozen List’ as a ‘Facilitator of Sexual Exploitation’
February 19, 2019

American Family Association: Let New York and Virginia Be Motivators

‘We Are in a Bloody Battle with the One Who Has Come to Steal, Kill and Destroy | Don’t Kill the Babies’
February 11, 2019

Family First During National Marriage Week, American Family Association Reminds That Family is Crucial to Stability of Both Government and the Church

February 4, 2019

January 2019

One Million Moms Calls for Clean Super Bowl Ads

1MM Urges NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to Keep Halftime Entertainment and Advertisements Family-Friendly for All Ages
January 30, 2019

37,000+ Respond to American Family Association #BoycottTarget Survey—Still Not Shopping There

99% of Respondents Say AFA Should Keep the Pressure on Target
January 28, 2019

American Family Association Urges Concerned Citizens to Tell Congress to Fund the President’s Wall

AFA: Border Security Is a Matter of National Security
January 21, 2019

34,000+ Americans Weigh in on Border Security Through New American Family Association Survey

90% Want President Trump to Continue the Partial Government Shutdown to Force Congress to Fund the Border Wall
January 15, 2019

American Family Association: Why Families Should Turn Off Their TVs in 2019

AFA Began in 1977 to Combat Network Television’s Growing Negative Influence on Society; TV Today Is a Vast Wasteland of Evil and Wickedness, Pro-Family Ministry Says
January 14, 2019

American Family Association: Stand with President Trump as He Stands for the Wall

Tragic Murder of California Police Officer Is Evidence of Need for Strong Border Security to Protect America’s Civil Servants and Families
January 07, 2019

December 2018

American Family Association Reflects on Successful Year of Helping to Keep America’s Families Strong

Boycotting Target; Warning Families About Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’; Helping to Pass Strong Pro-Life Laws; Applauding Conservative Advancements—and More; AFA Continues to Make Culture-Changing Impact
December 26, 2018

American Family Association: Keep the Pressure on Target This Christmas Shopping Season

Retailer’s Stock Has Plummeted More Than 23% Since Last Quarter; AFA Says Families Refusing to Shop There Because of Predators in Women’s Bathrooms and Fitting Rooms Are Making a Difference
December 17, 2018

American Family Association Is ‘Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice’

American Family Association Releases Annual ‘Naughty or Nice’ List, While Urging Shoppers to #BoycottTarget This Christmas Season
December 10, 2018

American Family Association: 3 Convincing Reasons to Boycott Target This Christmas Season

Target Is Hoping Shoppers Don’t Care About a Dangerous Policy That Allows Men in Women’s Restrooms and Fitting Rooms
December 3, 2018

November 2018

American Family Association: Avoid Target on Cyber Monday Too

November 26, 2018

Stay Out of the Dark

American Family Association Tells Shoppers to Keep Away from Target on Black Friday
November 19, 2018

American Family Association Goes Head to Head with Netflix Over ‘13 Reasons Why’

AFA Works to Reach 200,000 Signatures on Petition Urging Netflix to Pull Damaging Teen Series That Focuses on Suicide, Sexual Assault and Drugs
November 12, 2018

American Family Radio Provides Live Election Coverage Tomorrow; What Surprises Await Us?

Voters Considering Issues Such as Religious Liberty, Limited Government, Free Enterprise, National Defense, Biblical Values, Sanctity of Life, Marriage and More
November 5, 2018

October 2018

American Family Association: Keep the Fright Out of October by Avoiding Target

Target Is Still Presenting Risk and Danger to Women and Children
October 30, 2018

American Family Association: Being Salt and Light in the Culture, Especially Leading Up to Important Midterm Elections

AFA Action Offers iVoterGuide to Help Inform Christians
October 29, 2018

American Family Association: Support President Trump’s Common-Sense Approach to Gender

New HHS Memo Recommends That Government Adopt Official Policy to Define Gender as Male or Female Only
October 24, 2018

American Family Association: Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Is A Victory for Those Who Respect the Constitution

October 8, 2018

September 2018

American Family Association: Enough Delay—It’s Time to Confirm Kavanaugh

September 28, 2018

American Family Association: Fiscally Irresponsible Spending Bills Are Not Only Wasteful But Also Continue to Subsidize Planned Parenthood

September 26, 2018

Evangelicals Determined to Stop Democrats from Blocking Kavanaugh Confirmation

AFA Works to Reach 125,000 Signatures on Petition Urging Netflix to Pull Damaging Teen Series That Focuses on Suicide, Sexual Assault and Drugs
September 24, 2018

American Family Association: Confirm Kavanaugh Now!

AFA Says Democrats Are Resorting to Old Tactics to Keep a Constitutionalist Judge from Being Confirmed and to Block Any Trump Nominee
September 20, 2018

One Million Moms Remains Vigilant in Cleaning Up Television for America’s Families

As Fall TV Season Begins, American Family Association’s One Million Moms Is Known for Taking Action Against TV Shows That Tear Down Society—and Calling Out Their Advertisers, Too
September 17, 2018

American Family Association: Pray for Kavanaugh’s Important SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

AFA President Tim Wildmon: While We May Not Agree on All Things, We Should Agree to Respect the Process
September 5, 2018

Leading Values Voter Summit Sponsor, AFA Action, Available for Interviews During Washington, D.C. Event

Sept. 21-23 Event Will Welcome Top Conservative Voices in America, Poised to Serve as Change-Makers Before Crucial November Elections
September 4, 2018

August 2018

American Family Association Brings Military Religious Freedom Issues to America’s Attention

Army Chaplain is Under Threat of Court Martial for Following His Beliefs, While an Air Force Base Commander Takes It Upon Herself to Remove the Bible from a POW-MIA Table
August 27, 2018

American Family Association: Don’t Believe Netflix’s Ploy to Offer More ‘Family-Friendly Programming’

Despite Claim to Capture This ‘Important Audience,’ Netflix Still Hasn’t Removed Sexually Charged and Damaging Content That Erodes Society
August 20, 2018

Learn This Lesson, Shoppers—Target Is Unsafe for Back-to-School Shopping

American Family Association: Target’s Dangerous and Misguided Bathroom Policy Earns a Failing Grade for Back-to-School Shopping
August 6, 2018

July 2018

Target Fitting Rooms Are Not Just for Changing Clothes Anymore; Beware of Men with Cameras

American Family Association: Summer Shopping at Target Just Isn’t Worth the Risk, as 1.5 Million-Strong #BoycottTarget Initiative Continues
July 30, 2018

Breaking: Jim Jordan to Run for House Speaker

American Family Association Says Jordan Has a Proven Track Record with a Convictional Vision to Restore and Defend the Constitutional Republic
July 26, 2018

American Family Association Urges Investigation of Netflix for Child Pornography

Netflix Increasingly Embraces Objectifying and Degrading Depictions of Sex and Sexual Assault
July 16, 2018

Declare Your Independence from Target

American Family Association: Summer Shopping at Target Isn’t Worth the Risk, as 1.5 Million-Strong #BoycottTarget Initiative Continues
July 3, 2018

June 2018

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Doesn’t Seem to Care That ‘13 Reasons Why’ Has Torn Families Apart

Netflix Snubs Urging of American Family Association and Parents Television Council; Plans New Season of Damaging Teen Show
June 25, 2018

‘The Most Disturbing Thing on TV’

And It’s Geared Toward Our Children; American Family Association and Parents Television Council Join Other Family Organizations to Stop Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’
June 18, 2018

May 2018

Calls Intensify to Cancel ‘13 Reasons Why’ After Airing of Controversial Season Two

American Family Association Urges Netflix to #Pull13ReasonsWhy After 14-Year-Old Anna Bright’s Tragic Suicide
May 29, 2018

Target Blames It On the Rain?

The Company Attributes Poor Spring Weather to Earnings That Missed the Mark, But American Family Association Knows 1.5 Million Boycotting Shopping Are Still Making a Difference
May 23, 2018

Stay ‘Off Target’ for Summer Shopping

American Family Association Urges Shoppers to Choose Another Store for Memorial Day Needs, As Retailer Remains Committed to Dangerous and Misguided Bathroom Policy
May 21, 2018

Save Lives by Halting ‘13 Reasons Why’ Season Two Premiere on May 18

American Family Association: It’s Not Too Late for Parents to Speak Up About This Teen-Targeted Series That Glorifies Suicide
May 15, 2018

Frank Turek in ‘The God Who Speaks’: New Testament Writers Didn’t Create the Resurrection; the Resurrection Created the New Testament

Scholars Come Together to Shine Light on Bible’s Authority in New American Family Association Film
May 7, 2018

American Family Association: Stop Netflix Premiere of ‘13 Reasons Why’ on May 18

AFA: It’s Not Too Late for Parents and Grandparents to Speak Up About This Teen-Targeted Series That Glorifies Suicide
May 8, 2018

Erwin Lutzer of Moody Church Addresses God’s Holiness in New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

Movie’s Director M.D. Perkins: Christians Must Have Confidence in This Holiness or They Will Lose Confidence in the Bible
May 2, 2018

April 2018

Warnings About Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’

American Family Association Urges the Streaming Service to Pull Season Two of Teen Series That Glorifies Suicide
April 30, 2018

Alistair Begg Relays Importance of Biblical Truth in New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

American Family Association Movie Addresses Common Objections to the Bible’s Reliability with Legitimate, Well-Documented Answers That Affirm What Christians Have Claimed for Centuries
April 23, 2018

Democratic Senator Attacking Religious Views of Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo

AFA Action Urges Citizens to Call on Senators to Confirm Pompeo, Who Believes in Traditional Marriage
April 23, 2018

American Family Association: Congress Doesn’t Need Another Speaker Like Paul Ryan

It’s Time to End the Establishment’s Reign of Congress
April 17, 2018

Churches Can Plan ‘Movie Night’ With DVD or Digital Licenses of New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

New American Family Association Movie Answers Common Objections, Reveals Trustworthiness of Bible’s Claims and Observes Effects of Denying Biblical Authority
April 9, 2018

Dr. Norman Geisler, Described as a Cross Between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham, Is a Featured Scholar in New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

Dr. Norman Geisler, Described as a Cross Between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham, Is a Featured Scholar in New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’
April 2, 2018

Josh McDowell Shares Evidence for Christianity in New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

American Family Association Movie Shares the Expertise of Many Who Help Reveal the Truth of the Bible’s Authority
April 16, 2018

American Family Association’s #BoycottTarget Marks Two Years, 1.5 Million Signatures and Thousands of Safer Families

AFA President Tim Wildmon: Powerful Group of Target Boycotters Are Making a Difference, But Target Still Refuses to Reverse Harmful Policy
April 16, 2018

Did a Netflix Show Kill Anna Bright?

American Family Association Starts Petition Demanding
That Netflix Pull Season One of ’13 Reasons Why’ and Cancel Season Two
April 9, 2018

Two Years After Bathroom Announcement, Target Still Hasn’t Learned Its Lesson

As Man Exposes Himself to Little Girl at Target Restroom in Chicago,
American Family Association Continues Strong on #BoycottTarget
April 3, 2018

March 2018

Albert Mohler Among Many Who Help ‘The God Who Speaks’ Shine a Light on Truth of the Bible

New American Family Association Film, Featuring the Most Respected Biblical Scholars, Helps Christians Rest Assured in Bible’s Authority
March 26, 2018

American Family Association: Help Protect Pro-Life Doctors

The Department of Health and Human Services Should Protect the Pro-Life Medical Community and Not Force Doctors to Perform Abortions
March 26, 2018

Albert Mohler Among Many Who Help ‘The God Who Speaks’ Shine a Light on Truth of the Bible

New American Family Association Film, Featuring the Most Respected Biblical Scholars, Helps Christians Rest Assured in Bible’s Authority
March 19, 2018

‘The God Who Speaks’ Named Best Documentary at Christian Worldview Film Festival

New American Family Association Film, Featuring the Most Respected Biblical Scholars, Helps Christians Rest Assured in Bible’s Authority
March 19, 2018

New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’ Features Foremost Expert on New Testament Manuscripts

In New American Family Association Documentary, Daniel Wallace Discusses Documenting Greek NT Manuscripts Through Digital Photography
March 12, 2018

American Family Association: Thank Mississippi for Passing 15-Week Abortion Ban

March 9, 2018

Stock Falls, Biz at Target Relatively Stagnant, Despite Grasping at Straws to Increase Traffic

American Family Association Continues Strong on #BoycottTarget
March 8, 2018

Attendees at Truth for a New Generation Conference Among First to View ‘The God Who Speaks’

New Film from American Family Association Will Be Shown at Dr. Alex McFarland’s Apologetics Conference March 23-24 in North Carolina
March 5, 2018

February 2018

Mississippi State Sponsoring Abortionist Who Touts the ‘Christian Case for Choice’

American Family Association: Tell MSU President Mark Keenum to Also Invite a Christian Pro-Life Speaker to March 1 Event
February 27, 2018

New American Family Association Film ‘The God Who Speaks’ Is One of the Final Appearances by the Late R.C. Sproul

VP of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association: Film Is a ‘Masterpiece Reflecting the True Lineage, Character and Efficacy of the Word of God’
February 26, 2018

Positive Endorsements Pour in from America’s Top Influencers for New American Family Association Film ‘The God Who Speaks’

Apologists, Authors and Thinkers Examine Bible’s Authority and Trustworthiness in New Documentary Released This Month
February 20, 2018

Walgreens Follows in Target’s Footsteps and Allows Men in Women’s Restrooms

New American Family Association Petition on PC-Driven Policy Garners 82,000+ Signatures; AFA Continues Strong on #BoycottTarget
February 14, 2018

New Film ‘The God Who Speaks’ Helps the Faithful Answer Questions from Skeptics—and Christians, Too

New Movie from the American Family Association Invites Apologists, Authors and Thinkers to Examine Bible’s Authority and Trustworthiness
February 12, 2018

American Family Association Called on Citizens to Urge Release of FISA Memo—More to Come?

New Movie from the American Family Association Invites Apologists, Authors and Thinkers to Reveal Bible’s Authority and Trustworthiness
February 12, 2018

‘The God Who Speaks’ Film Answers Questions from World’s Best-Selling Book—the Bible

New Movie from the American Family Association Invites Apologists, Authors and Thinkers to Reveal Bible’s Authority and Trustworthiness
February 5, 2018

Conservatives and Liberals Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

American Family Association’s ‘AFA Journal’ Explores How Shoppers Are Spending Conscientiously; AFA Continues to Encourage Shoppers to Make a Statement With #BoycottTarget
February 5, 2018

January 2018

New AFA Film ‘The God Who Speaks’ Features Most Able Defenders of the Faith

Apologists, Authors and Thinkers Help Reveal the Trustworthiness of the Bible’s Claims in Inspiring Tool to Be Used for Decades to Come
January 30, 2018

NFL Rejects Super Bowl Ad Promoting Patriotism and Respect for the Flag

American Family Association Urges Fans of the Flag to Join 78,000 Others and Contact NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
January 29, 2018

New Film from American Family Association, ‘The God Who Speaks,’ Debuts Feb.1

Feature-Length Film Addresses Authority of Scripture; Features Well-Known Apologists, Authors and Thinkers
January 26, 2018

Obama’s Watergate?

American Family Association: Tell Congress to Release FISA Memo
January 23, 2018

American Family Association Applauds Passage of Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Senate Must Now Follow Suit to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion
January 23, 2018

American Family Association Urges Passage of Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

AFA Calls on Pro-Life Americans to Contact Congressmen on Important Bill
January 18, 2018

American Family Association: Thank President Trump for His Pro-Life Victories in 2017

President Has Lived Up to Pro-Life Promises Made on Campaign Trail
January 8, 2018

December 2017

American Family Association: Know What Your Hard-Earned Money Supports at Target

Don’t Endorse Target’s Actions By Spending Christmas Gift Money There
December 26, 2017

American Family Association: Tax Reform Will Positively Impact Families

December 20, 2017

American Family Association: Skip Target This Season But Keep Christ in Christmas

In Addition to Urging Shoppers to #BoycottTarget, AFA Also Releases 10th Annual ‘Naughty or Nice’ List
December 18, 2017

American Family Association Gives 3 Convincing Reasons to #BoycottTarget This Christmas

In Addition to Urging Shoppers to #BoycottTarget, AFA Also Releases 10th Annual ‘Naughty or Nice’ List
December 11, 2017

American Family Association Commends President Trump for Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

December 6, 2017

American Family Association: Cake Baker Case Has Potential to Reverse Decades of Repressive Court Rulings Hostile to Christian Faith

Does Colorado’s Public Accommodations Law Violate Jack Phillips’ Constitutionally Protected Christian Beliefs About Marriage?
December 4, 2017

November 2017

Who’s Been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice?

American Family Association Releases Annual ‘Naughty or Nice’ List, While Urging Shoppers to #BoycottTarget This Christmas Season
November 20, 2017

Target Closing a Dozen Stores, as American Family Association Presses On With #BoycottTarget

Target Stock Sits at Just Over 60; AFA Urges Shoppers to Avoid Target Both in Store and Online
November 13, 2017

American Family Association and Engage Magazine Embark on ‘Orange Letter’ Campaign to Encourage Christians in North Korea

Third Annual Campaign Will Lift Up Persecuted Believers in Christ
November 9, 2017

October 2017

Target Is Too Scary for Shopping

American Family Association Warns Families to Steer Clear of Target This Autumn Shopping Season—Both in Store and Online; #BoycottTarget
October 30, 2017

AFA Action Urges Senate Republicans to ‘Get to Work’ on 30-Hour Debate and Filibuster Rule

Republican Hypocrisy and Democratic Obstruction Must End Now
October 24, 2017

This October, Is Target the Scariest Place on Earth?

18 Months After Start of American Family Association’s #BoycottTarget, Retailer Makes No Moves to Keep Women and Children Safe; Dropping Stock Prices Are Frightening for Investors, Too
October 16, 2017

AFA Action Urges ‘Nuking’ Filibuster Rule

Rob Chambers Writes in New Daily Caller Op-Ed That Voters Are Fed Up with a Stalled Conservative Agenda; Chambers Part of ‘Drain the Swamp’ Panel This Weekend at Values Voter Summit
October 11, 2017

AFA Action’s Rob Chambers a Featured Speaker at Values Voter Summit This Weekend in Washington, D.C.

AFA Action a Sponsor of Event That Will Feature Conservative Activists, Authors, Lawmakers and More
October 9, 2017

American Family Association Thanks President for Two Actions Protecting Religious Freedom

October 6, 2017

Target Makes Another Big Announcement to Regain Lost Revenues and Departed Customers

American Family Association Knows Where to Find 1.5 Million Lost Shoppers
October 2, 2017

September 2017

As Fall TV Season Kicks Off, One Million Moms Urges Parents to Make Wise Choices for Kids

American Family Association’s One Million Moms Known for Taking Action Against TV Shows That Tear Down Society
September 27, 2017

Target Making Desperate Attempts to Turn Around Dismal Year

American Family Association: Target Is More Concerned About Prices and the Bottom Line Than the Safety of Women and Children
September 18, 2017

August 2017

American Family Association Partners with Eight Days of Hope for Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts

August 30, 2017

New AFA Film ‘The God Who Speaks’ Debuts in October

American Family Studios’ Documentary Premieres Oct. 13 at Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Annual Apologetics Conference and Addresses Authority of Scripture; Conference Early Bird Ends Aug. 1
July 31, 2017

American Family Radio Announces Changes in Lineup

‘The Hamilton Corner’ to Air on Entire Network from 5 to 6 p.m. CT
July 27, 2017

AFA Applauds President Trump on Transgender Military Announcement

July 26, 2017

Be Smart for Back-to-School Shopping and Steer Clear of Target

Picking Up School Supplies and Dorm Décor Isn’t Worth the Risk, as AFA Continues the 1.5 Million-Strong #BoycottTarget Initiative
July 24, 2017

AFA Urges 100% Repeal of Obamacare

American Family Association: Repeal Obamacare ‘Root and Branch,’ as Republicans Touted on the Campaign Trail
July 20, 2017

Special Program This Sunday Exposes SPLC, Which Labels Bible-Believing Organizations Like the American Family Association as ‘Hate Groups’

D. James Kennedy Ministries’ ‘Truths That Transform’ to Air ‘PROFIT$ OF HATE: The Southern Poverty Law Center’ July 16
July 13, 2017

Where Would American Families Be Without The American Family Association?

July 10, 2017

AFA to Shoppers: Declare Your Independence From Target!

Summer Shopping at Target Isn’t Worth the Risk, as AFA Continues the 1.5 Million-Strong #BoycottTarget Initiative
July 3, 2017

Target Stock Hits Lowest Point in 5 Years; AFA Urges Shoppers to Free Themselves from Target This July 4

AFA Continues Strong and Successful #BoycottTarget; Summer Shopping at Target Not Worth the Risk
June 26, 2017

AFA Applauds Court Ruling That Will Protect Mississippi Christians

‘Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act’ Prevents the Faithful from Being Punished for Religious Beliefs
June 23, 2017

AFA Calls Attention to Another Frightening Incident at Target; Shopping there Not Worth the Risk

Woman Violated Inside Target Store: ‘I Feel Really Scared Right Now;’ 34,000 Sign On to Open Letter to Target CEO Brian Cornell
June 19, 2017

AFA Encourages and Equips Fathers Through

1MD Reminds Men and Fathers to ‘Lead—or Others Will’
June 12, 2017

AFA Marks 40 years of Culture Change in America

This month, the American Family Association is marking 40 years of working diligently toward culture change in America. 
June 5, 2017

Online or In-Store, American Family Association says Skip Target This Summer

AFA Urges Shoppers to Choose Another Store for Seasonal Vacation Needs, As Retailer Sticks With Dangerous and Misguided Policy
May 30, 2017

Two Skip Target – In Stores & Online – This Summer

American Family Association Urges Shoppers to Choose Another Store for Memorial Day Needs, As Retailer Remains Committed to Dangerous and Misguided Bathroom Policy
May 26, 2017

American Family Association Hand Delivers Another Half Million Boycott Signatures to Target Headquarters

More Than 1.5 Million Have Now Pledged to #BoycottTarget; Retailer Struggles Financially While Still Refusing to Change Bathroom Policy 
May 23, 2017

Christian Conservatives Name American Family Association Among Most Effective Change Organizations

Respondents to New American Culture & Faith Institute Survey Rank AFA No. 4 in List of 20 Culturally Impactful Organizations; President Tim Wildmon Also Named Top Influential Leader
May 22, 2017

Target Continues Decline, as American Family Association Ramps Up Boycott for Summer

Target Announces Q1 2017 Earnings, With 1.3% Drop in Same-Store Sales and 1.1% Decline in Revenue; American Family Association Presses on with 1.5 Million-Strong #BoycottTarget Pledge
May 17, 2017

Will Target Continue to Miss the Mark?

Negative News Keeps Coming for Target, While American Family Association’s #BoycottTarget Stays Strong 
May 11, 2017

AFA: Celebrates Dozens of Successes Cleaning Up The Media

Moms Fed Up with Filth That Entertainment Media Throws at Kids, and 1MM is Doing Something About It!
May 8, 2017

AFA: Executive Order Just a Step in Right Direction

AFA is applauding President Donald Trump’s signing of an executive order today that will greatly enhance religious freedom protections
May 4, 2017

American Family Association: Defund Planned Parenthood Through American Health Care Act

Voting ‘Yes’ for Budget Reconciliation Bill Will Stop the Majority of Funds Planned Parenthood Receives Each Year from Federal Government
April 27, 2017

No Fake News: Incidents in Target Restrooms All Too Real

After 1.5 Million Signatures and One Year, American Family Association Will Continue Strong with #BoycottTarget
April 25, 2017

American Family Association’s #BoycottTarget Hits 1.5 Million Signatures!

Target Still Reeling from the AFA Boycott That Began Nearly a Year Ago; CEO Admits Bathroom Policy Announcement Was a Huge Mistake
April 19, 2017

Target CEO Admits Bathroom Policy Announcement Was Huge Mistake

American Family Association: Wall Street Journal Article Shows That #BoycottTarget Has Wreaked Internal Havoc on Company
April 7, 2017

Target’s Policy Leaves the Door Open for Sexual Predators and Voyeurs to Gain Access to Victims

American Family Association: Target’s ‘Politically Correct’ Restroom Policies Pose Potential Danger to Women and Children; Plummeting Revenue and Stock Value Are Evidence of Public Fear
March 27, 2017

Is Target Waiting for the Worst?

American Family Association Wonders How Many More Incidents Are Necessary for Target to Reverse Its Restroom Policy
March 20, 2017

Immensely Successful #BoycottTarget Effort Approaches One Year; Just 37,000 Signatures Needed to Hit 1.5 Million Threshold

American Family Association Calling on Families to Help #BoycottTarget Protect Women and Girls
March 13, 2017

Target Stock Plunges 12%; American Family Association Begins Phase II of #BoycottTarget

Target Continues Freefall After Announcing Q4 2016 Earnings; AFA Urges 50,000 More to Sign Boycott Pledge to Send Target a Strong Message on Dangerous Restroom and Fitting Room Policy
February 28, 2017

American Family Association Applauds President Trump’s Rollback of School Bathroom Directive

On Tuesday, AFA Had Asked 1 Million+ Friends and Supporters to Send an Email Urging Trump Administration to Revoke Guidelines
February 23, 2017

American Family Association: People Like Barronelle Stutzman Need President Trump to Sign a Religious Liberties Executive Order Now!

More than 115,000 Have Signed AFA’s Petition Urging the President to Keep Religious Freedoms Front and Center
February 20, 2017

American Family Association Urges President to Keep His Promise to Protect Religious Liberty

AFA’s Million-Plus Supporters Asked to Petition the President to Keep Religious Freedoms a Priority
February 8, 2017