April 2019

The Tide® Ministry Taking Bus Trip to Holocaust Museum and National Arboretum Next Month

Group Will See Beautiful Botanical Center and Take in Tragic History
April 22, 2019

Save the Persecuted Christians Grieves the Easter Massacres in Sri Lanka

Attackers Must Be Held Accountable, Say STPC Leaders
April 22, 2019

Samaritan Ministries’ ‘Family Health Checkup’ Radio Feature Helps Families Sort Fact from Fiction

Daily One-Minute Radio Feature Airs on 681 Stations and Provides Info on Nutrition, Fitness, Safety, Kids’ Health and More from a Christian Source
April 22, 2019

Southern Evangelical Seminary Explores How Advances in Artificial Intelligence Affect Conversations about Faith

Christians Are Facing Issues of AI No Human Beings Have Had to Address
April 22, 2019

Christ-Following Football Standouts Prepare for NFL Draft

Seven Draft Pick Hopefuls Talked to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes About How They Put Their Faith in Jesus—No Matter What the Outcome
April 22, 2019

Parents, Did You Know?

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom Alert—
Many States Store, Use and Share Newborn DNA for Research Without Consent; Most Parents Have No Idea
April 22, 2019

Best-Selling Author Jonathan Cahn Explores Rise and Fall of World Empires, Two World Wars, Prophecies, Mysteries and More in New Book ‘The Oracle’

April 22, 2019

Half of Pastors Hesitant to Talk About Tough Issues

American Pastors Network Points to New Study That Finds Pastors Are Feeling Pressure from Both Sides to address Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion and More
April 22, 2019

Health Care Sharing Creates Win-Win Situations for Patients and Doctors

Samaritan Ministries Members Have Tools to Work with Their Doctors to Find Better, Lower Cost Treatments That Are Right for Them
April 16, 2019

Believers Around Globe Celebrate Knowing Jesus This Easter After Meeting the Savior Through Radio

Listeners Learn About Crucifixion and Resurrection Through The Tide® Ministry’s Gospel Radio Programming in 25 Languages Worldwide
April 15, 2019

Save the Persecuted Christians: Christians Continue to Struggle in Turkey Since Andrew Brunson Trial

One Year Ago, Pastor’s Trial Made International Headlines, But Christians in Turkey Continue to Suffer in Silence and Alone
April 15, 2019

What is the True Meaning of Easter?

Southern Evangelical Seminary President Dr. Richard Land: Christmas Is the Beginning; Easter is the Culmination—the Victorious Happy Ending
April 15, 2019

The Rise and Fall of the Southern Poverty Law Center

American Family Association Says SPLC Finally Being Exposed as the Fraudulent and Corrupt Organization It Has Become
April 15, 2019

Three More States Step Up: 31 States Now Outlaw Female Genital Mutilation

Utah, Arkansas and Idaho Recently Passed Laws to Criminalize FGM, But 19 States Still Don’t Have Measures in Place—Even More Crucial to Protect Girls After Federal Ban Was Struck Down
April 15, 2019

Jonathan Cahn Opens up Jubilean Prophecies and a Big Mystery in His Newest Book ‘The Oracle’

Book Releasing This Fall Explores Everything from the Rise and Fall of World Empires to Two World Wars, Current Events and Much More
April 15, 2019

The Father Had a Timetable for Everything His Son Experienced

Mark Biltz, Author of New Book ‘Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times,’ Says the Father Had Preplanned the Whole Event Surrounding the Crucifixion of the Messiah, and for 1,500 Years Israel Unknowingly Went Through the Dress Rehearsal of Binding the Passover Lamb to the Altar
April 15, 2019

The Tide® Ministry Helping Children Learn About Global Gospel Radio Programs Through VBS Project

Program Teaches Children How The Tide Ministry is Telling People in Other Countries About Jesus and Encourages Them to Raise Support So More Radio Listeners Can Hear the Gospel in Their Own Language
April 8, 2019

‘Is Human Sexuality Being Erased?’ Dr. Michael Brown Asks This Pointed Question at Southern Evangelical Seminary Event on April 13

April 8, 2019

EndFGMToday Applauds Tennessee and North Dakota Legislators for Working on Tougher Female Genital Mutilation Laws

State Laws Are Even More Crucial After Federal Ban Was Struck Down
April 8, 2019

Upcoming Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camps Season Focuses on Theme of ‘Let’s Go!’

In 2018, More Than 88,000 Strengthened Their Skills and Faith at 771 Camps in 43 States Across the Country and 50 Countries Around the World
April 8, 2019

Jonathan Cahn’s Next Book, ‘The Oracle,’ Out This Fall, Considers Past and Future

‘The Oracle” Will Help Readers Know What the Future Holds, What the Past is Hiding and Open Their Eyes to Groundbreaking Mysteries
April 8, 2019

Is an Artificial Intelligence Antichrist Possible?

Signs of the End Times Point to Yes, Says Author Pastor Mark Biltz in New Book ‘Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times’
April 8, 2019

American Family Association Encourages Families and Church Groups to Spread the Word About Easter Film ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’

Animated Movie Based on John Bunyan’s Religious Allegory Playing Nationwide April 18 and 20 Only
April 8, 2019

After One Quarter of Beard-Growing, Participants in The Tide® Ministry’s ‘Year Beard’ Challenge Spread the Word About Gospel Radio Broadcasts

14 Men Commit to Not Shaving for a Full Year to Help More People Learn About Christ in the Languages They Were Born to Speak
April 1, 2019

Look to Biblically Responsible IRAs and Ministry Giving to Lessen Your 2020 Tax Burden

Timothy Plan Identifies God-Honoring Investments for Christians Worldwide
April 1, 2019

Dr. Richard Land: What the President’s Free Speech Executive Order Will Mean for Colleges

Southern Evangelical Seminary Leader Says Universities Are Citadels of Speech Suppression and Censorship, Instead of Centers for Free Inquiry They Once Were and Must Be Again
April 1, 2019

EndFGMToday Calls on Connecticut to Finalize Female Genital Mutilation Legislation

State Laws Are Even More Crucial After Federal Ban Was Struck Down
April 1, 2019

Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ ‘To and Through the Coach’ Commitment Connects With Coaches’ Hearts

FCA Seeks to Engage, Equip and Empower Coaches Through Four Core Values of Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence
April 1, 2019

In a World Where the Affordable Care Act No Longer Exists…

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom: End of ACA Would Restore Affordable Indemnity Plans, End Costly Benefit Mandates, Expand Employment Opportunities and Permanently Repeal the Individual Mandate
April 1, 2019

New York Times Best-Selling Author Jonathan Cahn Releasing New Book ‘The Oracle’

New Book That Looks at the Future and the Past Out on Sept. 3; Cahn’s Other Best-Sellers Continue Strong
April 1, 2019

Author and Pastor Mark Biltz: The Antichrist Will Deceive, Just Like Solomon Did

Writer of New Book ‘Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times’ Says Solomon Was a Narcissist, and the Antichrist Will Be as Well, as Historical Patterns Are Repeated
April 1, 2019

American Pastors Network: How and Why Socialism Is on the Rise in America

APN President Sam Rohrer Asks: How Could Such Erosion Have Occurred and So Dramatically Affected the Next Generation—and So Quickly?
April 1, 2019

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