Snapshot of a Post-Election America

Snapshot of a Post-Election America

What will a post-election America look like? That has much to do with how we conduct ourselves on November 9, let alone on November 8 at the polls, says religion and culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland (

Whichever way tomorrow’s election goes,” said McFarland, also the author of 18 books, including “Stand Strong America,” “Christians and people of faith must face how we will handle ourselves once the polls close. If Hillary Clinton wins, what do we do? How do we function, how do we continue to live in our faith when our freedoms could be taken away? If Donald Trump wins, our freedoms may be more intact, but there is still work to do. We can’t rest on our laurels, but instead must defend our beliefs every day.

“Would we rather have a savvy politician who is a polished crook or a ruffian straight-shooter?” McFarland continued. “We can all agree that Donald Trump probably wouldn’t hold a position on the pastoral staff in any of our churches, but how can Hillary Clinton serve as president and defend the Constitution when everything she says and does goes against it? And furthermore, many of those who work to uphold the safety and security of the nation—the police and military—don’t support her. Yet, most Americans would just rather be wrong about something than deal with the actual reality that they were wrong. They think they can navigate toward the corrections later and ultimately migrate to what is true, but by then it may be too late. I pray we all make those corrections for America tomorrow.”

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