To pastors who ‘don’t touch politics’—you can be sure politics will touch you!

To pastors who ‘don’t touch politics’—you can be sure politics will touch you!

With just one Sunday to go before one of the most crucial elections in history, religion and culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland (, says that the Church will be a key factor on Tuesday. Yet some pastors and churches are staying out of a very necessary conversation.

“To those churches who say, ‘We don’t touch politics,’ you can be sure that politics will touch you—and your church,” said McFarland, author of 18 books, including the new “Stand Strong America.” “All Christians, whether they choose to vote, turn a blind eye to politics altogether or feel that the church is no place for public discourse, will be affected by this election in significant ways—perhaps more than any other group. Our religious liberties will be impacted based on Tuesday’s outcome, freedoms we enjoy as people of faith will be stripped away, and what we say while defending our closely held religious beliefs may suddenly be called ‘hate speech.’

“If you’re saying that Christians or the church shouldn’t ‘touch politics,’ McFarland added, “know that politics will definitely touch you.”

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