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‘Normalizing Abortion’ Can’t Pass This Simple Test

By Kim Ketola for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Amelia Bonow and Poppy Liu kicked off their “Bible Belt Abortion Storytelling Tour” in New Orleans last month, pitching the idea that “abortion is normal since one in four women will have one in her lifetime.” Variations of that statistical projection from abortion rights advocates at Guttmacher Institute have been examined for accuracy and found wanting. But statistics aside, the Shout Your Abortion and Collective Sex founders seek to normalize abortion through their stories and events.

The messaging includes Shout Your Abortion (SYA) T-shirts sporting statements such as:

  • Abortion is freedom
  • Everyone knows I had an abortion
  • Abortion is pro-life
  • Abortion is normal

Do these assertions hold water? Or do these statements made about abortion beg the question by assuming that abortion does not involve taking an innocent human life?

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