One Million Moms to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Don’t Fumble on a Family-Friendly Super Bowl

One Million Moms to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Don’t Fumble on a Family-Friendly Super Bowl

One Million Moms to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Don’t Fumble on a Family-Friendly Super Bowl

January 27, 2020

TUPELO, Miss.—Fans who are loyal to the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, lovers of football in general and, yes, even those who watch for the commercials are looking forward to Super Bowl LIV this Sunday, Feb. 2, in Miami.

But even though fans of both teams will be wearing crimson-colored jerseys, One Million Moms (1MM, www.onemillionmoms.comhopes the halftime entertainment and ads don’t have families seeing red.

1MM, a division of American Family Association (AFA,, is encouraging the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to keep the commercials and halftime entertainment clean during Super Bowl LIV.

“Some of our supporters no longer watch NFL games, but for those families who still do, we are asking this year’s Super Bowl halftime show and commercials be kept family-friendly,” said 1MM Director Monica Cole in an Action Alert to the organization’s very active base. “NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the Army Times a couple of years ago that the advertisement program ‘is designed for fans to commemorate and celebrate the game, players, teams, and the Super Bowl.’ Fans would most definitely include children.”

To that end, 1MM has started a letter and petition to Goodell requesting that the Super Bowl be kept suitable for all ages. Thus far, more than 11,000 have signed the letter, which reads:

“I encourage you and the NFL to keep the commercials and halftime show clean and family-friendly during Super Bowl LIV. I would appreciate your cooperation so that the game is suitable for fans of all ages to watch.”

1MM works to warn parents about the television shows that are vulgar, blasphemous and downright trashy, while also urging them to make wise choices for their kids and take action against the shows that tear down society, as well as the advertisers that help keep them on the air.

In fact, 1MM routinely calls out the advertisers that sponsor shows with disrespectful, controversial or inappropriate content, especially during the hours of the day when kids could be watching. Some of the recent 1MM campaigns have included warning both parents and advertisers about Disney’s new demonic series “The Owl House,” how Burger King is crossing the line with advertising, and “irresponsible and offensive” commercials for

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