One Year After the Election, Some Still Astounded by Outcome, But It All Ties Back to Ancient Paradigm




One Year After the Election, Some Still Astounded by Outcome, But It All Ties Back to Ancient Paradigm

New York Times Best-Selling Author Johnathan Cahn’s Powerful New Book ‘The Paradigm’ Reveals a 3,000-Year-Old Mystery with Ties to Today’s Most Stunning Political Headlines


NEW YORK—This week marks one year since President Donald Trump was elected in a shocking, historical contest that is still making headlines today.

And although the election astounded many, New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn says the outcome could be found in an ancient Middle-Eastern paradigm from nearly 3,000 years ago.

In his new book, “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times” (, Cahn makes shocking connections between all the major players in American politics, including Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Osama Bin Laden and Donald Trump, to historical figures from centuries ago.

In “The Paradigm,” out for just over a month but debuting in the top 5 of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal book charts, Cahn makes ties between President Trump and the ancient King of Israel Jehu, a reformer of sorts who sought to right the wrongs of those before him.

“[Jehu’s] championing the cause of nationalism will at times compete with his intentions to carry out God’s will,” Cahn writes in “The Paradigm.” “As with Jehu, Trump’s cause was also one of nationalism. At times, that cause could be consistent with Scripture but not always. Thus it would at times compete with his ability and intentions to fulfill the will of God.” The hope for Trump years, Cahn writes, is that they “will not only slow the nation’s descent but also that they will provide the chance for a massive spiritual and cultural returning to God. Apart from such a return the nation’s overall course of apostasy and descent will continue.”

Trump’s victory in the presidential election represented a profound change, Cahn says. It averted the sealing of America’s apostasy. And it provided a wide-open door for evangelical leaders and believers to impact the nation. Conversely, the weight and inertia of America’s moral and spiritual descent would mean that for such a return to take place would be nothing short of miraculous and that apart from such a return there would be nothing but descent.

“America was at a critical juncture in the election of 2016,” Cahn continues. “And then, as with Jehu’s surprise ascendancy, everything was turned on its head. What does it mean for America? What did it mean for ancient Israel? There are patterns in Scripture concerning a nation’s progression to judgment: The nation in apostasy from God is given warning, even shaking, but also reprieves.

“Likewise, the rise of Jehu provided a reprieve for Israel. But what was the purpose of that reprieve? It was to give the nation a chance to turn back from its course, to avert judgment, and to return to the God of its foundation. It was to give God’s people a period of time in which to call to the Lord as many as would come. … A political answer cannot solve a spiritual problem. But it can open a window through which that answer can come. On the other hand, a political turning without a corresponding spiritual turning will end up in failure or calamity. As for the desire to make America great again, the only way America can be great again is for America to return to the God who made America great in the first place. The answer is in repentance, return and revival.”

“The Paradigm,” which topped all the major best seller lists, reveals a newly uncovered master blueprint and ancient template that foretells many events of modern history. “The Paradigm” also removes the veil behind the leaders, governments, events and scandals of modern times. Its disclosures are so detailed and its revelations so precise that it even speaks of events before they happen.

Cahn, who caused a stir throughout America and the globe with the release of his instant New York Times best seller “The Harbinger,” which sold over 2 million copies, followed that earth-shattering work with “The Mystery of the Shemitah” and “The Book of Mysteries,” also New York Times best sellers. In fact, the mysteries of the immensely popular “The Harbinger” continue and are intertwined with the mysteries of “The Paradigm.” 

“The Paradigm” is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House.