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AFA Executive Vice President: ‘Christian Leaders Have Been Warning That This Day Was Coming’

August 16, 2021

TUPELO, Miss. — A recent declaration from an Atlanta school district has created shockwaves all across the Christian community. When a family discovered that their kindergartener was scheduled to learn “progressive” curriculum, such as LGBTQ+ content, they contacted the principal of Morningside Elementary School, Audrey Sofianos. In an email asking that their child be switched to a classroom that wouldn’t teach such controversial topics, the parents stated, “We cannot sacrifice our religious beliefs and will have to find an alternative even this late in the process.”

Principal Sofianos’ response to their email stunned the parents, as well as the community. The concerned parents were told that switching classrooms would not help them since the district promotes the progressive agenda in every classroom. Sofianos even went as far as to suggest they would need to leave the district if they did not want their child to learn about LGBTQ+ issues. The Atlanta Public School District was questioned, and stated they “are committed to working with the family to find an amicable solution that works for all parties involved.” But the damage might have already been done.

Says American Family Association (AFA, www.afa.net) Executive Vice President Ed Vitagliano, “For decades, Christian leaders have been warning that this day was coming. The prophets of perversion, who proclaim that they are seeking to set people free in the name of the sexual revolution, are in reality enslaving a new generation. These poor young people––starting in kindergarten in Atlanta––will experience all the heartbreak, unplanned pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections that come from disdaining the laws of God. Many will be trapped in lives of gender confusion and homosexual sin. Truly, as Jesus Christ said, it would have been better that these ‘educators’ had never been born, rather than causing these children to sin.”

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