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Patti Garibay in The New American: Girl Scouts Competitor on “Trans” Agenda: God “Created Men and Women Differently”

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By Selwyn Duke for THE NEW AMERICAN

“Male and female He created them,” Genesis tells us. It’s news so old — nay, timeless — that we don’t even call it history. But with sexual devolutionaries calling it myth and saying “sex” is “gender” and “gender” is fluid, it’s necessary to point out that this news is fact — and one organization has boldly done just that.

“As Christians, we must engage in this debate and end it once and for all, at least in our minds,” Patti Garibay, founder and executive director of American Heritage Girls [AHG], wrote in a press release distributed to media. AHG is a Girl Scouts alternative formed after the latter began embracing corruptive, hard-left, anti-American policies.

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