Planned Parenthood’s Abuse of Black Americans Continues Despite Scrubbing ‘Sanger’ From Building

Planned Parenthood’s Abuse of Black Americans Continues Despite Scrubbing ‘Sanger’ From Building

American Family Association: If They Truly Valued Black Lives, They Would Change Their Business Model

July 27, 2020

TUPELO, Miss. — Last week Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced the removal of Margaret Sanger’s name on its clinics, causing many pro-life organizations to recognize the ironic link between this action and the continued practice of abortion.

Sanger, founder of the organization that would eventually be known as Planned Parenthood, is widely known to have championed the science of eugenics. Her research and influence focused on limiting the reproduction of those considered mentally and physically defective.

American Family Association (AFA, Executive Vice President Ed Vitagliano says the realization is not a simple case of better late than never. The inconsistency is too glaring for the leaders of Planned Parenthood to be commended or seen as anything but disingenuous.

“Pro-lifers have been pointing out Sanger’s racist ideology for decades, so what made the light bulb suddenly pop on for Planned Parenthood of Greater New York?” Vitagliano asked. “We believe this decision was made simply because officials were afraid of the woke crowd. If Planned Parenthood truly valued black lives, the organization would have made this decision a long time ago and would not consistently set up its murder mills in black neighborhoods to kill thousands of unborn black babies.”

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