Hamilton Strategies helps our clients get maximum exposure by connecting experts in a variety of fields with the television media. We not only help make these interviews happen, but prep them every step along the way, then help them to share the great information with their audiences.

Check out just a few of the television interviews below:


portfolio_radio_cropWith decades of combined experience in radio, the team at Hamilton Strategies not only enables our clients snag radio time, but also expertly helps them syndicate their radio programs — from one minute to two hours — on hundreds of stations nationwide. Listen to just a few of the radio interviews from our clients and also visit our Radio Syndication page for information on how you can add these programs to your lineup.

AFA on Salem Radio talking about the Barronelle Stutzman case

Alex McFarland on Life!Line with Craig Roberts

Twila Brase talks about Health Freedom with On the Way with Paul Ridgeway

Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand inteviews Dr. Richard Land

Todd Starnes on The Eric Metaxas Show



portfolio_print_cropWith experience in marketing, communications, journalism and public relations, Hamilton Strategies has a vast knowledge in both planning and executing print media. Whether it’s editorials for partner publications or a full print media campaign, we know the ins and outs of this medium that can leave a lasting impression.

Below are a few examples of how our clients are talking about the issues close to their heart in print media:

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Hamilton Strategies has helped our clients make real impact with their marketing efforts. Our team can lend insight and expertise to your marketing projects, whether strictly digital, strictly print or a combination of both. Let us be a part of your team to help guide you from concept through completion.

View just two of the projects we’ve helped our clients take from start to finish:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Team FCA recruiting site

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom: JointheWedge.com



Our clients are Christian non-profits, so communicating with donors is paramount. One of our specialties is helping our clients with fundraising campaigns and letters, as they rely on donor gifts for their success.

View a few of our clients fundraising letters, which help their engage their donors and friends:

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