American Family Association in AFA Calls on Americans to Pray Daily for President Trump

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Given the “chaos, anger, and division” in Washington, D.C., and the deceptiveness of the liberal news media, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon is calling on Americans to turn back to God and to pray for President Donald Trump.

“Like many patriotic Americans, leaders at American Family Association are saddened by the chaos, anger and division in Washington, as well as outraged by the secular Left’s unending assaults against the founding principles of the republic,” stated the organization in an Oct. 7 press release.

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  • Praying for God’s will for our President and for all of our people. Sincerely wishing the best for the President. He is strong, and with the support of the people of our nation, he will remain strong. It is amazing what he is able to do and to accomplish while his opponents use every distraction they can find. Glad to see he visited our troops for Thanksgiving . That’s our President.

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