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By: Michael Morris

Amidst news of North Korea’s willingness to talk, defense policy expert and President and CEO of Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney advised on his “Secure Freedom Minute” radio feature today that we simply “[h]old the champagne.”

“[H]ard experience should have taught us that Kim and his team will cheat on any promises they make and keep building weapons with which to threaten the rest of us,” stated Frank Gaffney. “My advice:  Hold the champagne.”

According to CNSNews.com, “The outcome of the first formal talks ever between South Korean officials and Kim are generating optimism in Seoul, but Vice President Mike Pence in a guarded response stated that U.S. policy towards the Stalinist regime won’t change ‘until we see credible, verifiable, and concrete steps toward denuclearization.’”

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(originally posted on cnsnews.com | image from cnsnews.com)

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