Dr. Michael Brown in CBNNews.com: As ‘Batman and Robin’ Director Reveals Thousands of Gay Partners, Alarm Sounds on LGBT Targeting of Kids

By Deborah Bunting for CBNNews.com | Image from CBNNews.com

Are the days of “live and let live” over for those of us who believe in traditional, even biblical, values and want to pass that culture on to our children and grandchildren?  As much as we may try to ignore it, today’s culture is inundated with lust, sexual deviancy, and gender confusion, and – without trying to shock or exaggerate – it’s coming for those precious children and grandkids we pray for and try so hard to protect.

Just last week radio host, Todd Starnes, reported that children were “cavorting” on the floor with a man dressed garishly as a woman during a “Drag Queen Story Hour” in a Portland, Oregon public library. A photo showed a little girl lying directly on top of the drag queen. The photo has since been removed from the library’s website.

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