Dr. Paul and Terrie Chappell in LifeZette | Stunning Secrets of a Lasting Marriage

By: Maureen Mackey | Originally posted on LifeZette.com | Image: LifeZette.com

Stunning Secrets of a Lasting Marriage

New book demonstrates that the happiest and healthiest couples know a few great things that many others don’t

Scores of young couples today think that once their wedding day arrives — their work is essentially over.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as a smart new book makes clear — as well as so much more. In “Are We There Yet?” authors Paul Chappell and Terrie Chappell of Lancaster, California, take readers through the “long road trip” of marriage — in the best possible sense. The relationship is a journey, an experience and an opportunity for tremendous growth, not a mere label or “status.” It’s a way of life, not a passing phase. And it’s a communion with God for Christian couples, during which men and women can “grow as a couple” and even shed some baggage along the way, as the book demonstrates through practical advice and vivid anecdotes.

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