Dr. Richard Land in The Christian Post: Theologians react to Andy Stanley saying Ten Commandments don’t apply to Christians

Published in The Christian Post | Image from CP

Some theologians have taken issue with Andy Stanley’s recent column claiming that the Ten Commandments do not apply to Christians.

In an opinion column published earlier this month by Relevant Magazine, Stanley discussed the tendency of many American Christians to erect Ten Commandments displays.

Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and executive editor of The Christian Post, told CP that he believed Stanley “confuses ‘new’ with ‘fulfillment.’”

“In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus said that He came to fulfill the Old Testament law, to complete it. And to supplant it, but that does not mean that the Ten Commandments are irrelevant,” said Land.

“Jesus said that He didn’t come to take away from the law, that if you read Matthew chapter 5, ‘not one jot or tittle would be taken away.’ He came to fulfill it, not to abolish it. That’s Jesus.” Continue reading…


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