FCA in TogetherLA | Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw Return To Mound Includes His Best For God and Fans

(This story originally appeared in TogetherLA | Image from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw’s return to the mound against the San Diego Padres on Friday after being out with back strain since late July helped snap a 5-game losing streak as he struck out seven batters in six scoreless innings, allowing just two hits.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, www.fca.org) took the occasion to showcase not only Kershaw’s good-news-story for Dodgers fans, but to also highlight how his faith in Jesus takes priority on and off the field.

Watch the FCA video featuring Clayton Kershaw here…

“I think getting to play baseball and the blessing that it is to go play every day is a platform to incorporate yourself with a lot of other different people that think baseball’s cool and (are) fans of the game,” Kershaw said in an FCA video (below). “If you tell them that you’re a follower of Christ and a Christian, it can resonate with people a little bit more just because of the platform you have. So, for me, talking about it is one thing, but living it is the most important.” Continue reading…

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