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(Originally posted on newsmax.com | Image from newsmax.com)

By: Frank Gaffney

Gaffney: Judges Create Constitutional Crisis on Transgender Military Order

For the first time in American history, the federal judiciary has countermanded a direct and lawful order to the U.S. armed forces by their Commander-in-Chief. The issue is less about the substance of the order — prohibiting the enlistment of individuals who consider themselves to be “transgender” — than it is about our republic and what is required to secure it.

It is no exaggeration to say that, unless Donald Trump vigorously challenges this affront to the Constitution and the power it vests exclusively in the president, the man who pledged to end political correctness in the military and return to the practice of peace through strength may prove unable to do either — or even to preserve the national security — without the courts’ permission.

This constitutional crisis was precipitated when several federal district judges and two appellate court panels refused to accept Mr. Trump’s decision to preclude transgender individuals from being enlisted in the military. The jurists seemed no more concerned about the dire implications of their action for the uniformed services’ readiness, unit cohesion, and budgets than they were about the clear dictates of the Constitution’s separation of powers.

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