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Super Huddles Before Super Bowl

Prior to reaching the NFL’s grandest game, a group of Philadelphia Eagles supported FCA by starting Community Huddles within the city.

By: Nate Taylor

Isiah Gonzalez was convinced the moment Kasey Dougherty said the word Eagles.

Dougherty, who joined FCA’s staff in September 2016, wanted to grow the ministry’s impact in Philadelphia. She began inviting high school students — especially student-athletes — in spring 2017 to two new weekly Bible studies through FCA’s Community Huddles. Dougherty knew Gonzalez, a 16-year-old junior at the time, played flag football through Timoteo, a Christian sports nonprofit organization. Her hook for Gonzalez was the fact that players from the Philadelphia Eagles, in partnership with FCA and Timoteo, had agreed to come speak and co-lead the eight-week Huddles.

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(Originally posted on fca.org / image from fca.org)

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