Timothy Plan in Value Walk: Timothy Plan ETFs Empower Christians To Invest Biblically

By Jacob Wolinsky for Value Walk | Image from Value Walk

With the addition of two new Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Timothy Plan has given Christians yet another avenue to invest their money in a biblically responsible way—and at a lower cost.

Timothy Plan’s proven, decades-long approach provides believers with many reasons to consider faith-based investing, including the following:

  • Timothy Plan is the oldest biblically responsible registered investment company.
  • ETFs are managed by Victory Capital, an investment advisor that utilizes a smart beta investment philosophy with proven track records in blending passive and active managementmethodologies.
  • Timothy Plan ETFs are the only smart beta—meaning that the underlying stocks are valued based on their volatility rather than the company’s size or production—biblically responsible ETFs.
  • Christians experience ease of investment with most online brokerage accounts, including self-managed IRAs.
  • ETFs are available to institutional and individual investors.
  • ETFs complement existing Timothy Plan mutual funds to improve diversification in class and strategy
  • Timothy Plan ETFs adhere to eight primary biblical screens and 65 sub-screens that Timothy Plan has helped investors embrace since 1994.

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