USA Business Radio: Pro-family Groups Continue to Put Pressure on Netflix

By Rebecca Davis, Special for USABR | Image from USABR

Season 2 of the original Netflix series 13 Reasons Why released globally May 18, despite efforts from pro-family groups to cancel it.

Based on the content of the second season, the groups’ efforts to stop it are more than justified; therefore American Family Association and Parents Television Council have joined forces and are continuing their efforts to put the maximum pressure on Netflix to cancel the damaging series.

Season 2 is the continuation of Season 1, which focused on the graphic suicide of protagonist Hannah Baker. Season 2 picks up months after Hannah’s suicide with the unfolding of a lawsuit in court. Suicide takes somewhat of a back seat in the newest season while sexual assault is front and center as are exacerbated filth and gratuitous content. Continue reading…

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