Premier Donor Strategies Engages Hearts, Creating Powerful Event-Driven Experiences for Kingdom Impact

Premier Donor Strategies Engages Hearts, Creating Powerful Event-Driven Experiences for Kingdom Impact

December 10, 2019

KANSAS CITY—Never before have there been as many choices for donors who are looking to support worthwhile causes. The sheer volume of options is influencing faith-based ministries to aggressively look for game-changing opportunities to develop and grow relationships with high-capacity financial partners.

A highly successful company that has worked with some of the nation’s most prestigious sports organizations and corporate brands for more than 25 years is now working with non-profit organizations—and specifically ones with faith-based initiatives—to provide a powerful tool to drive major donor growth.

Premier Donor Strategies was born out of the world-class event marketing work performed by Premier Sports Management for professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA and MLS, in addition to collegiate governing bodies such as the NCAA, College Football Playoff and National Association of Basketball Coaches.

Premier is now seeing tremendous results from playing a different game. Stemming from a relationship with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Premier has taken the creativity and excellence required from the demanding, high-performance world of sports and integrated some of the same principals into the ministry world.

Premier Donor Strategies helps organizations expand their ministry and long-term growth by developing a strategy featuring highly effective destination events that generate significant giving and build deeper relationships with partners. For each organization, Premier delivers an unparalleled experience based on flexibility that adapts to ministry uniqueness through proven foundational concepts. The turnkey approach consists of upfront strategy, event execution and follow-up donor planning.

The proven strategy involves immersing a group of successful and likeminded people in a captivating atmosphere and then inspiring them with passionate messaging, stories of impact and a big vision. Premier-led donor events compel attendees to engage deeper with that ministry and to make significant, multi-year financial commitments.

Ken Williams is Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer of FCA, which has worked with Premier Donor Strategies over the past 12 years on its national President’s Weekend, regional Legacy Weekends and worldwide staff “Real Time” events.

“I am continually impressed by the way Premier Donor Strategies has helped the Fellowship of Christian Athletes grow our ministry worldwide through giving,” Williams said. “At events facilitated by Premier, our guests feel connected, engaged and fully on board with FCA, which shines through in their commitment to the ministry year after year.”

In addition to its long-time affiliation with FCA, Premier has been partnering with a growing list of other ministries in recent years, including organizations such as Samaritan’s Feet International, Search Ministries and The Urban Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans.

Many of today’s donors, says Premier’s CEO Gary Heise, want to do more than write a check. They want to engage in causes and see firsthand the impact ministries are making in people’s lives. By immersing donors in an all-encompassing weekend or multi-day event, ministries will build enduring emotional connections as well as generate a very significant return on investment.

“Financial success is the ultimate measurement tool, and we’ve been blessed to see amazing ROI numbers for our ministry partners,” Heise said. “But the value of our events goes way beyond the money. By creating the right plan, the right atmosphere and helping organizations share their story in a compelling way, it builds this magical moment that impacts the hearts of the donors. We have seen many examples of how this experience transforms giving partners into ‘all-in’ ambassadors for the organization.”

Premier also does more than just create a great weekend and then walk away. The group offers expert strategic pre-event and post-event guidance that leverages the experience to ensure long-term results with major donors. That strategy is led by Tim Smith, one of the country’s leading experts in donor development and author of two books on the subject.

“This has become a passion for our team,” Heise said. “It’s our way of using our God-given talents and experiences to help ministries grow and fulfill vision for Kingdom impact. We are honored to come alongside organizations and lead them through the exciting journey of developing and retaining their significant donors.”

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December 10, 2019

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia said this morning that as the new week progresses, “it’s been a very long time” since he’s been so optimistic about what is happening in the economy.

“The optimism index that came out Tuesday morning posted the highest month-over-month gains since May of 2018, rising 2.3 points to 104.7 for the month of November,” Celia said. “This is exceptional optimism. The reading was bolstered by 7 of the 10 components improving. Owners reported it is a good time to expand, increasing by 6%, and those expecting better business conditions increased 3 points. The NFIB uncertainty index fell 6 points. That may be one of the most important aspects, adding a four-point drop in a revised October number. It’s the lowest since May of 2018. This historical run defies expectations of many, but it is amazing as we continue to see small businesses thrive.

Celia continued, “NFIB chief economist William Dunkelberg says this: ‘Owners are aggressively moving forward with their business plans, proving that when they’re given relief from the government, they put their money where their mouth is, and they invest, hire and increase wages.’ Owners are most closely focused on issues that directly impact their business, including the real significant tax relief they were given two years ago, and they’re anxious to see this relief made permanent. By the way, 30% of small business owners reported raising compensation, and 26% planned to do so in the upcoming months. This is the highest level since December of 1989, and we owe it all to the Trump administration.”

Celia discusses these and other global and economic headlines on his daily, three-hour Financial Issues program, heard on more than 660 radio stations and several television networks nationwide.

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