Presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden’s VP Pick Could Usher In Dark Days for Families

Presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden’s VP Pick Could Usher In Dark Days for Families

American Family Association: Christians Must Vote for Either Constitutional Principles or ‘Fire-Bombing’ of U.S. Foundations

August 4, 2020

TUPELO, Miss. — Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has said the American public will know who his running mate will be by the end of the week, reviving concerns that the former vice president’s choice will swing the country further toward far-left ideology that explicitly opposes traditional family values.

Biden has previously pledged to choose a female running mate but has avoided publicly speculating about whom he has in mind. The future direction of the Democratic Party— currently torn between the progressivism initiated by President Woodrow Wilson and the socialism that dominated eastern Europe in the 20th century —will likely be shaped by his decision.

American Family Association (AFA, Executive Vice President Ed Vitagliano says Biden’s pick could prove the standard-bearer of the Democratic Party’s ever-escalating socialist agenda, and that Christians should vote with this risk in mind.

“The drift of the once proud Democratic Party into the radical waters of anti-American socialist ideology is both sad and frightening,” Vitagliano said. “This increases the odds that whomever presumed nominee Joe Biden selects as his running mate will be the most radical vice presidential choice ever. Our nation faces a stark choice in November between constitutional principles and the fire-bombing of the country’s foundations. We encourage Christians everywhere to register and vote this year.”

Americans will make that choice in less than 100 days. AFA calls on the country’s Christian families to exercise their right to vote — and to shape the future of the country.

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