Renowned evangelist D. L. Moody called Christians to become people of prayer

New book from D. L. Moody Center highlights the spiritual legacy of storied pioneer in ministry

March 2, 2022

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. The D. L. Moody Center (,one of the nation’s top spiritual renewal destinations, recently announced the upcoming launch of the new book, Useful to God: Eight Lessons from the Life of D. L. Moody.” The illustrated, full-color book is published by Kingdom Winds Publishing.

In the book, Dr. James Spencer, president of D. L. Moody Center, explores the life and legacy of the famous evangelist Dwight L. Moody and identifies eight key characteristics that Moody exemplified. Chapter Three, “Prayerful,” highlights Moody’s fervent view that all believers should practice and prioritize prayer.  

Spencer states, “Prayer is indispensable for Christians. Through prayer, we face the challenges of living in a fallen world. When we pray with a spirit submitted to God, we desire to see Him move in the world even more than we desire our own comforts or ambitions. Our prayer helps us to see the world rightly. Our goal should be for prayer to become as natural as breathing.”

Yet as Spencer points out, “There is a difference between understanding prayer and becoming a people of prayer. Prayer is not something we do as an isolated activity. It occurs within the concrete situations of our everyday lives.

“To become a praying people, then, we must learn to begin our prayers by expressing our desire for God to be glorified. This desire is exactly what Dwight Moody had in mind when he said, ‘Before we pray that God would fill us, I believe we ought to pray Him to empty us.’”

Indeed, Moody noted that potent prayer begins with less of us and more of God.

Spencer quotes Moody as saying, “All true prayer must be offered in full submission to God.”

And while Moody is the most acclaimed minister of his time, he’s quick to point out that personal prayer is forever entwined with public evangelism.

Spencer says, “Moody therefore points to the interrelationship between prayer and the two greatest commandments, which call us to love God with all we have and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”

Today, Moody’s exhortation to pray for a world in need remains as relevant as ever.

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