Rising Inflation Negatively Impacting Zimbabwe’s Families




Rising Inflation Negatively Impacting Zimbabwe’s Families

The Tide® Radio Ministry Has Been Sharing Gospel in Zimbabwe Since 1983


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.—While the economy here in the U.S. is flourishing, inflation in Zimbabwe is spiraling out of control, putting great economic stress and unrest upon its people.

The Tide® (www.thetide.org) global radio ministry has been broadcasting the Gospel in Zimbabwe since 1983, and The Tide Director Don Shenk was born in then-Rhodesia. His missionary parents and brother still reside there.

“We often hear from our partner pastors in Zimbabwe that the out-of-control inflation and unstable government takes a toll on the people,” Shenk said. “And even though Zimbabweans were celebrating in the streets after former president Robert Mugabe resigned late last year, unrest and uncertainty aren’t yet in the past.”

According to a recent news story in the Zimbabwe Independent, inflation continues to rise, posting at 3.46 percent for the month of December—0.49 percentage points higher than November. “Inflationary pressures mainly came from food inflation, which stood at 6.60 percent,” the outlet reported, while health care costs are increasing as well. The health sector is also plagued by numerous challenges, including drug shortages.

Unfortunately, these rising costs impact families negatively, and many turn to traditional African religious practices, including ancestral spirit worship and witchcraft, for hope.

“Even though Zimbabwe has been fairly extensively evangelized, there are still many who need to hear the Gospel message, and others who are hungry to learn more about Jesus Christ,” Shenk said.

Thirty-five years ago, The Tide ministry began working with a church group in Zimbabwe to produce and air an Ndebele language radio program called “Amagugu Evangeli.” Since then, the ministry has also assisted in the production of Christian radio programs in the English and Shona languages. In 2016, The Tide ministry also began building a new, larger and upgraded recording studio so this local radio ministry can continue to grow and impact more lives for Christ.

Listen to samples of the “Amagugu Evangeli” radio program in Zimbabwe here, and click here to learn how just $1 can impact 20 radio listeners. The “Amagugu Evangeli” program is working on a project called, “A CD Changes Lives,” as most people in Zimbabwe now have CD and DVD players. For the project, The Tide ministry mass produces CDs with the Gospel message and distributes them to people who have not heard about Jesus. Read more about the project here.

In 2017, The Tide ministry began offering programming in its 25th heart language—Isaan, spoken by 19 million people in Thailand. This initiative allows Thailand to join multiple regions of Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nepal, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, where The Tide ministry is already active in broadcasting Gospel radio programming—in the languages people were born to speak.

For more information about The Tide broadcast projects, history, radio programs around the world, the new “Every Knee, Every Tongue” campaign, the weekly Global Update radio features or other news, visit its web site at www.thetide.org or its Facebook page. Read more about The Tide ministry and Don Shenk here.