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November 2, 2020

ATLANTA, Ga.—Road Trip to Truth, the radically new 13-episode series from Producer Todd Friel, launches on major television networks across the U.S. and Great Britain this January 2021.

“We are losing Evangelical youth to secular humanism,” said John Faberez, host of Road Trip to Truth. “Poll after poll reveals that 60-80 percent of Evangelical youth go to university and leave their faith behind, and statistics reveal that suicide is the number TWO cause of death among 10 to 34-year olds. These two statistics are closely connected. It’s time to equip kids, and train their parents to equip their own kids, to understand the only true source of hope and healing.

“Road Trip to Truth directly tackles the issues that lead so many astray. Those issues include the origin of life, godless evolution, postmodernism and atheism. There is an answer to the rising ‘backslider rate,’ and the shocking number of deaths from suicide and depression.”

Road Trip to Truth is fresh, fast paced, produced with excellence, respectful, thoughtful, powerful and game changing.

Like no other television series, Road Trip to Truth focuses on the answers to the deepest questions youth across America are asking. This program focuses like a laser at youth AND their parents to winsomely address the secular humanistic ideas that are stealing, and even killing our evangelical youth.


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