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Rob Chambers for The Daily Caller | Senate Republicans Must ‘Nuke’ The Filibuster

(This post originally appeared in dailycaller.com | Image from The Daily Caller)

By Rob Chambers

Republicans’ choice of Donald Trump as their presidential candidate constituted an utter repudiation of the Washington political establishment. Conservative voters are realizing that too many candidates chant the conservative mantra during campaigns, but then embrace the agenda of the Swamp (the political, bureaucratic and corporate elites) once they get to Washington.

Voters are fed up.

But despite Trump’s victory, the establishmentarians are still prevailing on issues that fuel the passions of the grassroots—controlling illegal immigration, defunding Planned Parenthood, decentralizing education policy-making, appointing judges and repealing Obamacare, to mention a few. Even if good legislation passes the House, it dies in the Senate.

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