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Senator Warren’s thoughtless accusations ‘prove that the Left’s vision of women’s rights doesn’t include a woman’s right to know,’ says Bomberger

July 19, 2022

WASHINGTON D.C. Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance, www.radiance.life) and a strong voice in the pro-life movement, believes that in order for women to have true freedom, they need to be told the truth. That’s why Bomberger has dedicated his life to speaking out against the propaganda pushed by the pro-abortion Left — a lethal activism that has left 64 million innocent children and hundreds of women dead in its wake.

Bomberger commented, “Founding feminist Alice Paul called abortion the ‘ultimate exploitation of women.’ She never could’ve imagined that a mostly women-led organization like Planned Parenthood would become a billion-dollar exploiter of females in and out of the womb. Planned Parenthood is the embodiment of fake feminism.”

Bomberger continued, “An organization that claims to fight for ‘women’s rights’ spends millions preventing women from the right to know medical truths about abortion. They’ve kept medical facts about the increased risks of preterm births from previous induced abortions from Right-to-Know bills. The federal National Cancer Institute study found that induced abortions increase the risk of triple-negative breast cancer. meta-analysis of 49 studies, published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, shows a ‘statistically significant increase in PTB [preterm birth] risk in women with a history of IA [induced abortion].’ Planned Parenthood representatives don’t want women to hear these facts.” 

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren recently made waves when she attacked crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) across America, stating that by offering a loving and non-violent solution to an unplanned pregnancy, CPCs are “torturing pregnant people.” Warren’s comments were received with a barrage of outrage from the pro-life community, many of whom are still galvanized at the open threats, vandalization and firebombing of crisis pregnancy centers since the leaked Dobbs decision earlier this year.

Bomberger responded to Warren’s bizarre crusade against women.

Bomberger stated, “Pro-abortion activists consistently fail to acknowledge that there are other options to unplanned pregnancies than the violence of abortion. Senator Warren’s egregious claims about crisis pregnancy centers masquerading as abortion clinics, and trying to fool pregnant women by disseminating inaccurate, misleading and stigmatizing information about abortion and contraception, are completely false. The reality is that abortion clinics withhold information from women about their options for an unplanned pregnancy other than an abortion. As an international public speaker who has been inside hundreds of crisis pregnancy centers across the country, it’s obvious to me that Senator Warren has never been inside of one. If she had, she’d realize they don’t ever pretend to be abortion facilities. They value life too much.”

Bomberger continued, “Senator Warren and other liberals have fought, for years, to try to shut down crisis pregnancy centers (mostly run by women) because CPCs offer life-affirming alternatives to the violence of abortion. Many of these women who staff these crisis pregnancy centers were themselves once deceived by pro-abortion propaganda, but now dedicate their lives to helping women and their families face the ‘unplanned.’ Sadly, the only ones fooled are those disempowered by abortion mills who offer virtually nothing to mothers other than abortion. Less than 0.1% of taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood’s services are prenatal care. One won’t find a single baby or mother boutique inside an abortion facility, and none of them report any parenting classes or other parental resources offered. 

“Over ninety-nine percent of clients surveyed reported positive experiences at CPCs. Nearly 1 million clients are served annually (at no cost) by our nation’s 2,700 crisis pregnancy centers which provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, over 291,000 parenting education classes, over 4 million baby items (diapers, formula, furniture, clothes, strollers, car seats), post-abortion support/recovery and more. There are 810 CPCs that offer free STI/STD testing of which 536 offer STI/STD treatment. Some offer prenatal care as well.

Bomberger stated, “No woman has ever died receiving care at a crisis pregnancy center. Hundreds of women, however, have died as a result of so-called ‘safe and legal’ abortions inside of our nation’s abortion mills. Those women’s lives are simply acceptable collateral damage for fake feminism. Warren and other abortion extremists just hate that these centers compassionately serve mother, father and child instead of a multi-billion abortion industry.”

For more of Bomberger’s thoughts about Senator Warren’s outrageous claims, see his recent opinion piece in The Christian Post.

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