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Sam Rohrer on Lifezette | Jesus Came to Save the World — Including Those in Silicon Valley

Jesus Came to Save the World — Including Those in Silicon Valley

Where’s the outrage over the lack of moral standards among those who drive so many technology developments in this country?

By Sam Rohrer

The recent revelation in the teaser chapter of Emily Chang’s forthcoming book in Vanity Fair about the drug-fueled secret sex parties in Silicon Valley should come as no surprise. It is just another symptom of godlessness in a godless society.

What’s the outrage? Where is the scandal? One supposes that, based on a duty to react based on feminist dogma amid claims of sexual abuse, some ink is required in the reporting. Besides, we can’t wait for the salacious details when Chang’s book, “Brotopia,” is finally released! Those publishers can really stoke the buzz, can’t they?

What is now called Silicon Valley was not always so. The godlier society in the form of early pioneers and settlers in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries would never have tolerated such events in a valley named after an entry on the Periodic Table. In fact, such thoughts would never have entered the minds of those early inhabitants, who settled San Jose and the surrounding area. Among them were many who helped douse the flames in 1906 San Francisco, and rebuilt the city after the earthquake and fire that year. These folks were far too busy starting over again and rebuilding a city to break down spiritually, mentally and morally.

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